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Special Education


The Brandywine School District's vision is that students with disabilities will reach theirfull potential as members of society. We embrace parents/guardians ascollaborative partners in a process that promotes trust and respect. Each studentshall be treated as a unique individual and shall receive appropriate inclusiveeducation through the use of best practices based on scientific research.


Our missionis to make special education procedures more universal with common practicesand common language, to deliver consistent effective services and instruction,and to improve the quality of our services that will in turn improve the performanceof our special education students. 

For more information on Special Education Programs in the Brandywine School District, please contact:
Mark Mayer
(302) 793-5043
Beth Mounir
(302) 793-5040

I. Important Links to Information for students, parents and professionals:

Procedural Safeguards 2012 Document
Due Process Information
Special Education Mediation Information
Special Education Complaint Information

This information provides parents, legal guardians, and surrogate parents of children with disabilities from 3 years of age through age 20 with an overview of your educational rights, sometimes called procedural safeguards.

Parent Information Center (PIC) 

The Parent Information Center of Delaware (PIC/DE) is a statewide nonprofit organizational dedicated to providing information, support and learning opportunities to students and to families who have children with disabilities or special needs. We strive to promote partnerships between families, educators, policy makers and the community.

Brandywine Special Needs PTA
Mission To work together with the school district to provide the best education experience possible for all children with special needs.
To provide a local community support group for parents, guardians and educators of children with special needs.
To be a resource of information on available special services.
To provide information about community programs.
To provide education and support for the community at large.

Membership is open to all parents, guardians, grandparents, educators, therapists and anyone in any school district interested in the education of children with special needs.

II.  Specialized Programs

Brandywine Specialized Autism Program (BSAP)

The Brandywine Specialized Autism Program is housed at Bush Preschool, Harlan Elementary, Claymont Elementary, P.S. duPont Middle and  Mount Pleasant High Schools.  Teachers, paraprofessionals speech therapists, and psychologists work together to serve our students with autism.  Currently, students range in age from pre-kindergarten to ninth grade.  The program will continue to grow until all students of all ages with autism are educated within the Brandywine School District.