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Forwood PTA MEETINGS 2012-13
Meetings are held from 7:00 - 8:00 pm in the Forwood Library,
and all parents and teachers are welcome! 

Free babysitting is available!
Meeting Dates 2012-13   




Forwood Elementary PTA - Meeting Minutes

Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 1, 2013   7 PM – Forwood Library


In attendance:  Courtenay Hoernemann, Megan Burns, Jen Cipolla, Christina VanVelsor, Erin O’Hanlon, Mike McDermott, Piera Vassallo, Lynda Neef, Keri Matra, Holly VanSuch, Lisa Hoffman, Jen Uro


Approval of April Meeting Minutes:  motion Keri, 2nd Mike.  Holly pointed out that Leader Corps did not end up doing a dress down day for Autism Awareness.


Treasurer’s Report:  PJ Day total of $246.10; Market Day $211.96; 4th grade spent all of mini-grant money; check to Jen Cipolla for a book for Mrs. Poorman that wasn’t available through Scholastic.


Principal’s Report:  DCAS testing still going on this week, make ups will be next week, then 2nd grade will take it.  Field Days shifted back a week because of DCAS schedule.  Spring Concert Fri 17th for 4th and 5th grade Band, Choir, and Orchestra; performances at 9:30 and 1:30.  School Board Election at Forwood on 14th from 10:00 to 8:00.  Reptile Man assembly May 20th; Keri will make note on book fair schedule so teachers don’t double book their class.  Field Days: 4th and 5th on 22nd and K-3 on 23rd; rain dates are same days the following week.  Art Show on May 22nd; every student will have at least one piece of art on display; Mrs. Brendlinger has worked so hard!!!  Third grade Talent Show on 21st at 1:45.  K Fun Day on May 31st.  No school on Memorial Day and day after; last student day on June 10th.


Teacher’s Report:  Discussion on the huge effort Mrs. Brendlinger has put forth for the school wide art show.  Ms. O’Hanlon explained K Fun Day for Mr. McDermott’s benefit.  $200 budget for K Fun Day from PTA.


Committee Reports

  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera- Lisa Hoffman will serve as Chair and will be POC for Market Day rep and do training.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan- Ms. O’Hanlon asked for volunteers to man tables; 3 people at each of two tables so 6 people needed total.  Tables will most likely be set outside.  Two people will sell yearbooks and third person will have Sharpie.  Need a cashbox with $100 in each to be provided by Piera.  Lynda will send out email to listserve asking for volunteers who can contact Erin or Betsy.  Both have agreed to chair the yearbook again next year.
  • Berri Yummi Night – Lynda Neef- Profit of $78; Lyman will round up to make the total profit $100.
  • Staff Appreciation – Jen Cipolla- May 28th last mini-breakfast.  Food for end of year luncheon ordered $466.  Jen will get a check from Piera to pay for food.  Asked for an email to be sent out to listserve asking for people to bake desserts for luncheon and asking for servers to help during luncheon; arrive at 9:30/10:00 until noon.  Jen has found out that several committee members cannot be there during the luncheon on the 13th so needs more help.
  • Spring Book Fair – Keri Matra- Sign-up sheet is available now for teachers to sign up their classes; all events are marked so teachers don’t double book their class.  Next year will shoot for early April for book fair.  Will run Scholastic Dollars differently next year based on lessons learned this year.
  • Family Movie Night- May 22nd- No Movie Night; there was no chair and found out the school-wide art show is same night.  Decided the art show and book fair is enough for the evening.  Hours are 6:30 to 8:00.  PTA will sell small water bottles and soft pretzels.  Lisa volunteered to order pretzels and buy waters; Piera will provide her with a cash box.
  • Tie-dying for field day – Pam Bargren- Will take place this Sunday 5th at Pam’s house at 3:00.  Address is 1906 Brandt Dr in NGC.
  • Ice Cream Social – Lynda Neef- Keri will order toppings in bulk:  chopped M & M’s, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate syrup.  Lynda will call and order 6 cases of ice cream from HyPoint and ask for delivery.  We can store it in the back kitchen freezer.  She will also check on whipped cream from HyPoint.  Teachers will serve as usual.  Courtenay will purchase spoons, napkins, and bowls; will check on number purchased last year.  Will use “one and done” system; either hand stamped after receive ice cream or get a ticket at doors to cafeteria.


Election of Officers-  PTA Board for 2013-2014 school year will be:

President Lynda Neef

Vice President Jen Uro

Secretary Megan Burns

Treasurer Piera Vassallo


Other Business


Spirit Wear- Ellen Getty willing to run this again next year.  She has some inventory left over so will sell it at Ice Cream Social.  Discussion of doing a big order during summer in order to have inventory to sell at Back to School Walkthrough.  Need an easier paper ordering form next year.


Technology- Mr. McDermott asked the PTA for financial help to get more tech in the classrooms.  Would like to have document cameras; goal of one per two teachers.  Becky Tosun provided a cost estimate to Mr. McDermott and Mrs. VanSuch of approximately $800+ for each setup.  Mrs. VanSuch expressed concern of cameras “walking away”, especially during the summer, but the cameras can locked up to prevent theft.  PTA will wait until budget is completely finalized after end of school year in June.  Hoping PTA can help purchase 2 or 3 cameras.


Forwood Elementary PTA  Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

7 PM – Forwood Library


In attendance:  Michael McDermott, Karen Hallberg, Heather Casper, Holly VanSuch, Mary Levine, Suzanne Levine, Courtenay Hoernemann, Piera Vassallo, Lynda Neef, Keri Matra, Jen Uro, Lisa Hoffman


Approval of March Meeting Minutes- motion Jen Uro, 2nd Keri Matra


Treasurer’s Report- Profit of $227.10 from PJ Day so far, more $ to come.  Ice skating night profit of $375.  Allotment reminder email sent; must spend by end of April.  Current account balance of $13,075.56.


Principal’s Report- DCAS begins next week; reminder flyer will go home to parents; door buzzer system installed, there is a buzzer out front and in cafeteria for YMCA care; interims come home on 15th; K-3 spring concert Thurs 25th, 2 performances at 9:30 and 1:30; no school on Mon 29th due to conferences; Leader Corps will run dress down day for Autism Awareness.


Teacher’s Reports- Continued thanks from the teachers for what the PTA does for the school and teachers.  Ms. Hallberg discussed Family Fitness Festival to be held at Mt. Pleasant Elementary from 12-3 on Sat 20th.  District wide event with lots of activities such as tennis, zumba, moon bounces.  There is no rain date.


Committee Reports

  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera – reminder we need new chair for next yr; freezer in teacher’s lounge does not work so not sure where we could store orders not picked up.  Lisa Hoffman volunteered to serve as organizer for Market Day pick up nights; she would set up schedule and make sure there are 2 volunteers each month to cover the Monday night pickups.
  • Ice Skating Night  - Courtenay Hoernemann- profit of $375; lower than some years in the past, but a fun event and requires really no effort on PTA’s part.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan- No report.  Just a clarification from Lynda that there are no preorders this year.
  • Spring Book Fair May 20-24– Keri Matra- Keri will soon put out schedule for teachers to sign up to bring their classes; she will list other school events on each day so teachers don’t double book their students.  PTA going to try to have book fair earlier next year, perhaps in early April.  Suggestion was made for more books in the middle between early readers and advanced readers.  Keri has previously made this request to Scholastic, however we don’t have much say in what inventory we receive since Scholastic is trying to clear out what they have left at this time of year.
  • Wed night Book Fair activity May 22- Decided on Movie Night from 6:30 to 8:00; movie will be free and PTA will sell water, popcorn, and baked goods.  Keri might have a popcorn machine we can use.  Mr. McDermott will pick out the movie or cartoons and run it through Netflix on his iPad.
  • Tiedying – Pam Bargren- Flyer sent out to have parents send in white tshirt; tiedying will be done at her house.
  • Ice Cream Social June 3rd- Courtenay will get the paper products, Lynda will get the ice cream from HyPoint.  Ms. Levine will talk to Ms. O’Hanlon about a game plan for toppings.  Keri offered that she could order the toppings cheap in bulk.
  • Teacher Appreciation – Jen Cipolla- End of year luncheon is set for June 13th which is the last teacher day; Café Riveria again for catering.  Last teacher mini-breakfast will be May 28th.


Other Business

Junior Achievement – Jen Uro- Jen is looking for 8 volunteers to go into K and 3rd grade classrooms to teach the JA kits.  The kits are free for our use and it guides the parents through the lesson.  Basically the parent reads the info to the class and then they discuss/answer questions.  Would need one parent for each of four K classes and four 3rd grade classes.  Target these 2 grades this year and then try to hit all grades next year; 5th grade already goes to JA Biztown.  Jen and Keri volunteered so need another 6 people.


Berri Yummi fundraiser on April 18th from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm, open to close.  Must bring flyer that will go home or say that you are with Forwood.  We receive 15% of sales.  Lynda would like a couple teachers/staff to show up and be celebrity toppings servers.


Lisa Hoffman discussed Junior 1st Lego League.  There are two levels; ages 6-9 grades K-3, and ages 9-11 grades 4-5.  Lisa is focusing on younger kid group because it is cheaper to participate; $100 for a team of 6 kids as opposed to $600 for a team of 10 kids.  How it works is the league issues the challenge at the end of the summer and then you meet once a week to discuss how you will respond to the challenge and what you will build at the challenge event which is held in late fall/winter.  Rep from DE 1st Lego League could come to Forwood and do an information night for parents and students.  Example challenge was the team had to interview a senior citizen about how technology from earlier in their life compares to the technology of today.  The team must build a lego design but is also interviewed on their design and their teamwork at the competition.  Lisa and her husband have offered to each coach a team so that would be 12 kids who get to participate.  Question raised whether the PTA could fund in full or partially fund a team, so that kids from all income levels would be able to participate.


Elections at May meeting- No new nominations to announce.


Next Meeting (final meeting of the year) – May 1, 2013      


Submitted by Courtenay Hoernemann, PTA Secretary.


Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 13, 2013     7 PM – Forwood Library

In attendance: Mike McDermott, Megan Burns, Keri Matra, Piera Vassello, Sandy Simpson, Betsy Mullan, Lynda Neef, Jen Uro, Denise Nuss, Shelly Sullivan, Sarah Foster, Catherine Ward, Barbara Lionti, Jen Cipolla, Pam Bargren, Courtenay Hoernemann

Approval of February 2013 Meeting Minutes – motion Piera, 2ndKeri

 Treasurer’s Report- Piera went through the line items for Feb and March. PTA giving the teachers/staff until end of March to spend their allotments; what is not spent may be reallocated to other budgetary needs. Scholastic dollars were spent; PTA had to pay a little bit of money for shipping.

 Principal’s Report – Science Fair is tomorrow night from 6:30 to 8:00. March 19thspring pictures; twin day on Friday 5thgrade fundraiser; next Friday is baseball shirts and jean spirit day; March 28thpj day. There are new car rider procedures in place that were published in the Fox Tales. DCAS help after school has started; no spring DCAS schedule yet. Day before spring break there will be an honor roll party/treat for all students earning honor roll. 

 Teacher’s Reports – PBS school-wide celebration picnic at end of year; there is no date set yet. Team leads will meet with Holly next week to figure out date; could be last full week of school but must work around field trips. Lynda looked into moon bounce rentals; $500 for 2 for 6 hours. Maybe we rent two and then set up specific times for each grade to use them so there is not total chaos. Parents would need to sign permission slip or liability release for jumping so school is not liable for injuries. Kids who don’t have signed form can’t jump. 

 Mrs. Brendlinger is going to have a Forwood student art show since the district show can accept so few art pieces from each school due to smaller venue. Mrs. Brendlinger tossing around the idea of putting student art work on tshirts to sell as a fundraiser and they could be worn to the art show.

 Committee Reports

  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera- need new chair for next year, Dee Fulmer may be interested.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan- April 16thelectronic submission date. Some parents thought the personal message form was a preorder form. Cost will be $10 per book; no preorders so make sure come to ice cream social or give $ to friend to come and buy for you.
  • Pizza Dinner & Family Fun Night - Megan Burns and Dee Fulmer- went very well, much higher profit than we ever saw with spaghetti dinner, will definitely repeat next year.
  • Silent Auction – Lynda Neef- great profit with less items than less year; raffles did very well; student art received mixed results so do a little differently next year with different items for students to decorate.
  • Ice Skating Night March 28th– Courtenay Hoernemann- March 28th6-8pm; $8 to skate includes rental; can bring anyone, you don’t have to be from Forwood.
  • Chucky E Cheese Night March 7th– Megan Burns- huge turnout! Some students didn’t receive the token sticker at school so will just put stickers at the door next year to get when you enter Chucky’s. May turn out that we get % of all the night’s profit and not just Forwood people’s profit.
  • Science Fair March 14th– Lisa Hoffman – Lynda will send out reminder email to listserve.
  • Spring Book Fair – Keri Matra- discussion on which week in May we will hold book fair since need to work around DCAS; week of May 6 or 13; most likely week of May 13.
  • Wed evening event during book fair week?- Would be May 8thor 15thfrom 6:30 to 8:00. Discussion of movie night; would not pay to watch movie but would sell snacks. Suggestion of Wreck it Ralph for movie. Need to get official (legal) confirmation that we can show a movie without paying for a license. Could hit up baking committee to make goods to sell.
  • PTA involvement in Field Days May 15thand 16th- Pam Bargren willing to head up tie dying. Courtenay will send Pam last year’s flyers and instructions. Pam will make sure she has the list of volunteers. No moon bounces since they do not work with Ms. Hallberg’s curriculum. 
  • Nominating Committee – Courtenay Hoernemann- Received two names for next year’s board; Jen Uro nominated for VP and Megan Burns for secretary. Board will be voted in during May meeting.
  • Ice Cream Social – do we have a date?- Monday June 3rdfrom 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Teachers will supply toppings and PTA will supply ice cream. Will implement system so everyone is one and done.


Other Business: Fundraisers for next year:

Kidstuff Coupon Book- Keri willing to be chair but will need several committee members. Decided we would pursue; Keri will contant Kidstuff poc to print 475 books for September so we can roll this out at the start of school. Book will be for Delaware businesses; $25 per book and the school makes half so $12.50 per book profit. Teachers get free book, and they will have to keep track of who paid for their book or returned it. Keri’s volunteers will make calls to families whose books are not paid for or returned.

Java Joe’s Coffee- Lynda discussed this possible fundraiser. Coffee would cost $13 per bag and the school would see $5 of that. There are 23 flavors and we can have the Forwood logo put on the bags. Advantage is you can order online; Lynda will check if orders are shipped to school or home. Maybe roll this one out in December for holiday shopping.


Next Meeting – April 10


Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 14, 2012   

7 PM – Forwood Library


*Meeting originally scheduled for November 7 but had to be rescheduled.

Attendance: Courtenay Hoernemann, Barbara Lioni, Lucinda Kettner, Lynda Neef, Martha Robunson, Piera Vassallo, Julie Goodnow, Elaine Mendelson, Holly VanSuch, Tina Malone, Dee Fulmer, Betsy Mullan.

Approval of October 2012 Meeting Minutes – 1stLynda Neef; 2ndPiera Vassallo.

Treasurer’s Report – Piera has been working with Susie Kountourzis to get Quicken set up on her computer. Covered the mini grants of $250 to each grade and scholastic dollars from the book fair profit of $235 per grade. 

Principal’s Report – Young Rembrandts has started at school; runs Nov 7ththrough Dec 19th. First marking period ends Nov 19th. Nov 20this staff grading day.  Singapore Math Night is Nov 15thfrom 6:30 to 7:30; 15this National Parental Involvement Day. Nov 30this spirit day; Dec 3rdreport cards go home; Dec 5thpicture make-up day; 6thBarnes & Noble Night; 14thband and choir concert. Stockings for Soldiers collection of socks, ramen noodles, and canned tuna.

Teacher’s Reports – Big thanks for the mini grants and scholastic dollars. Suggestion to label books bought with scholastic dollars that they were bought with PTA book fair funds.

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Ellen Getty – Only 2 more members than last month; may be another drive in January.
  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera – Betsy Mullan spoke for Dan; 3rdMonday of each month is pick-up; only takes about an hour.
  • Original Works – Courtenay Hoernemann – Due date for orders extended to Nov 19thdue to days missed from Sandy. Only about 50 orders so far; about half of last year’s total.
  • Book Fair – October 8-12 Keri Matra – Total profit of $6,673.90; our profit was $1,000 cash and $1,411.95 in scholastic dollars which means approximately $235 per grade.
  • Bingo Night – October 10 Courtenay Hoernemann – Largest fall profit of $358. Great turnout and Mr. McDermott did great job as first time caller.
  • Labels & Receipts – Pam Stevenson – Now just called Labels since no longer doing receipt program. Leader Corps continues to play big role.
  • Staff Appreciation - Jen Cipolla – no report.
  • Spirit Wear – Ellen Getty – Order placed last week so stuff should arrive in couple weeks; had to extend order due date because some classrooms did not get order form.
  • Science Committee – Mrs. Williams – Awesome turnout and awesome time.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan and Ms. O’Hanlon – Meeting on the 20thto pick cover.
  • Barnes & Noble Reading Night – Dec 6 Courtenay Hoernemann – Flyer to come home before Thanksgiving break. Choir will sing at 5:30 pm and then teachers will read books of their choosing until 8:00 pm. Forwood gets a percentage of sales in store and online; online orders can be placed from the 6thto 11th. Posters provided by Barnes & Noble will be put up in school.
  • Chuck E Cheese Nights – Megan Burns – Flyer went home already for Nov 19thfrom 3:00 to 9:00 pm; token sticker should come home on Monday. Chuck E will be at pickup on Monday. Forwood gets a percentage of sales and food.
  • Family Dinner Night/Silent Auction – Lynda Neef – Committee will get together and decide what to do for food and kid activities.


PTA Meeting Dates

·        No mtg in December

·        Jan 9th

Other Business – PTA dress down day on Nov 19th; can wear jeans for $1 which will go towards a moon bounce for field day.

Submitted by Courtenay Hoernemann, Secretary.



Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 3, 2012   

7 PM – Forwood Library 

In Attendance: Courtenay Hoernemann, Barbara Lionti, Cindy Becker, Jen Uro, Pam Bargren, Jennifer Page, Janice Page, Lynda Neef, Ram Gajavelli, Michael McDermott, Ellen Getty, Dan Cabrera, Martha Robinson, Sarena Fletcher, Sue Cleary, Donna Schwietzer, Holly VanSuch, Betsy Mullan, Keri Matra, Dee Fulmer, Jen Cipolla, Tina Malone, Mandy Bell, Piera Vasallo

Piera Vasallo was voted in as Treasurer for 2012-2013 replacing Shannon McKenna. Motion was made by Courtenay Hoernemann and seconded by Lynda Neef. Introducted PTA Board for this school year. Committee sign-up sheets were available for folks to sign-up.

 Approval of May 2012 Meeting Minutes: motion by Dee Fulmer, 2ndKeri Matra.

Treasurer’s Report: Courtenay Hoernemann and Piera Vasallo explained how the proposed 2012-2013 was drafted; by using numbers from the two prior year budgets to get approximate numbers for the amount of income and expenses the PTA can expect this year. Each grade was allotted at $250 mini-grant to use at their discretion. Procedures for seeking reimbursements from the PTA were explained; reimbursement sheet must be filled out with receipts attached and turned into the PTA Treasurer via mailbox. Reimbursement sheets are available in the mailbox or on the school website. Audit of 2011-2012 financials was conducted by Mrs. Susie Kountourzis who works for an accounting firm. She prepared the audit report and taxes; her letter report was made available upon request. Results showed that all was in order from last school year. 

Principal’s Report: Two new staff members, Mr. Michael McDermott, Assistant Principal, and Ms. Nicole Welding, Special Education. Kindergarten students are doing really well overall with their transition to school. After school activities include Young Rembrandts, and two new programs, Drama Kids and Bricks for Kids. Holly is working to get pics of the activities on the website. Family Science Night is Oct 24th; please rsvp so there are enough materials. DuPont Scientists will lead parents and students through 4 experiments.

Teacher’s Reports: Fall Festival was Sept 29th; great turnout. Profit was this PBS sponsored event is used to offset PBS activities throughout the year (assemblies).

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Ellen Getty – 68 members, 18 sponsors; another membership drive will take place in the next month.
  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera – next pick up in 2 weeks
  • Original Works – Courtenay Hoernemann – packets will come home week of Oct 22nd; orders due back Nov 8th; orders arrive 2ndweek of Dec. Artwork is completed in art class by students. Parents can order their student’s artwork on various items; makes great holiday gifts. One of biggest fundraisers; little over $1,000 last year.
  • Book Fair – October 8-12 Keri Matra – This year have the added feature of on-line ordering with free shipping to the school. School can take all profit in scholastics dollars which is 50% or in cash which is only 25%. Haven’t decided which to do yet. Plenty of help and have co-chair this year Jen Cipolla. 
  • Bingo Night – October 10 Courtenay Hoernemann – Couple folks lined up to help; start selling cards at 6:15. Bingo runs from 6:30 till 8:00; Mr. McDermott will be the caller. There will be no bingo in the spring.
  • Labels & Receipts – Pam Stevenson – Receipts are no longer involved so need to drop that from the committee name. Leader Corps will be involved again with coordination from Mrs. Golden. Please register your Target Card; school earns $!
  • Staff Appreciation - Jen Cipolla – This year will offer mini-breakfasts on teacher inservice days instead of little goodies. Biggest effort is the luncheon on last teacher day of the school year; first year the committee took over the teacher welcome back breakfast.
  • Spirit Wear – Ellen Getty – Order form coming out; this year will have car magnets and pink shirts!
  • Science Committee – Mrs. Williams – Science Night already discussed. Science experiments will be sent home again this year; do all or all but one and get $5 gift certification to spring book fair.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan and Ms. O’Hanlon – Ordered 275 books; cost to student will be $10. No preorders this year due to distribution problems last year. Will come and buy them at ice cream social; will do preorders for personal messages.
  • Barnes & Noble Reading Night – Dec 6 Courtenay Hoernemann – School gets portion of sales online and in store for most of the day. Choir will sing and teachers will read to students.
  • Chuck E Cheese Nights – Keri Matra – Megan Burns is taking over this effort; nights are tentatively scheduled for Nov and March; we receive a portion of door and food sales.


PTA Meeting Dates

·        November 7

·        No mtg in December

Other Business

           Parents who attend PTA meetings will receive dress down pawprint passes for each of their students! So thanks for coming!

Meeting adjourned by Lynda Neef, seconded by Keri Matra.

 Submitted by Courtenay Hoernemann, Secretary.


Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7 PM – Forwood Library


In Attendance: Lynda Neef, Keri Matra, Shannon McKenna, Courtenay Hoernemann, Ellen Getty, Betsy Mullan, Holly VanSuch, Brenda Clay, Erin O’Hanlon, Debi Mosel, Christina VanVelsor, Dan Carbrera

 Approval of April Meeting Minutes- Motion by Keri Matra; 2ndby Ms. O’Hanlon

Treasurer’s Report- Spring Book Fair did well; $1,000 less than last year but fair was open 1 less day. Forwood Fun Nights had a fantastic year bringing in over $2,000. Audit will be done over summer by paid third party.

Principal’s Report- Biggest response to Science Fair ever; so many tables needed for display that students had to eat lunch outside the day of setup. K & 5thgrade had a buddy picnic; 4thgrade sailed on Kalmar Nyckel today; 3rdgrade Talent Show is Friday; Volunteer Reception is 14that 2:00 pm; Field Days are 15thand 16th; Mini-Society selling session on 18th; Reptile Man assembly is on 21st; and Band/Choir/Orchestra Concert on 25th. There are now 5 buses effective this week; done to alleviate overcrowding on buses.

Teacher’s Report- Very glad to have all K teachers at the meeting! K Fun Day chair is Lynda Neef and Dee Fulmer will co-chair. Teacher “torture” activity has been changed from wet sponges to the face to water launchers. Recently, folks could call into local radio station to discuss schools and Mrs. Mosel called in to say hi to her students. District Office was told of her good deed, and Dr. Holodick came to Forwood to visit and thank her. Mrs. Clay asked to spread the word to register children early for K in order to help with staffing and class lists.

Committee Reports

·       Market Day – Dan Cabrera – last order! orders due 8th; pick up 21st;

·       Yearbook – Betsy Mullan – waiting for delivery!

·       Science Fair – Lisa Hoffman – Mrs. VanSuch covered

·       Staff Appreciation – Jen Cipolla; teacher luncheon June 8th; catered by Café Riviera; has plenty of help with desserts and setup/cleanup

·       Spring Book Fair – Keri Matra; next Fall Book Fair Oct 5-12 and Spring May 6-10; Jen Cipolla will co-chair with Keri next year

·       Bingo Night – Courtenay Hoernemann - $183 profit; lowest amount in last 5 years; also smallest response to request for prizes; will do something different during Wed night of Book Fair next year.

·       Tie-dying for field day – Christine Imburgia – began dying this week

·       Ice Cream Social – June 4th6:30 pm; PTA will supply ice cream, bowls, spoons, napkins; teachers will supply toppings


Election of Officers – Board for 2012-2013 is Lynda Neef, President; Keri Matra, VP; Shannon McKenna, Treasurer; and Courtenay Hoernemann, Secretary.

Other Business:

-Jill Ehrlich has agreed to run the School Store next year; Shannon will do ordering of supplies to help out. Also Betsy is available to work the store.

- Ellen Getty agreed to take over Spirit Wear; will talk with Laura to get resources.

-Dan Cabrera has agreed to do Market Day again next year.


All these folks deserve big thanks for their time and support of PTA!


Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Attendance: Holly Van Such, Betsy Mullan, Courtenay Hoernemann, Lynda Neef, Keri Matra, Ellen Getty

Approval of March Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve by Ellen Getty; seconded by Keri Matra.

Treasurer's Report: Shannon not present due to illness but Courtenay had a few updates. New deposits are $63.81 from Chucky night; $84 from Red Robin night; and $390 from Ice Skating night. Mrs. Williams had emailed Lynda a question asking the budget for the Science Program. The entire budget for the Science Program is $500 which includes Science Fair and $5 book fair certificates for students who completed enough science experiments at home. New expenses include receipts from spaghetti dinner supplies and teacher allotments.

Principal's Report: Referendum passed!! Presidential Primary voting at Forwood on April 24th. DCAS testing ongoing until end of school year. Sometime in April, lawyers will be coming into school to give presentations to 4th and 5th grade. Interims go home April 20th. K-3 Spring Concert is April 27th with 2 performances at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Teacher's Reports: No teachers present.

Committee Reports and Upcoming Events

· Market Day – Dan Cabrera – pick up Monday 23rd, 7 pm

· Ice Skating Night – Courtenay Hoernemann - $390 profit; not bad for a night with nice weather.

· Spring Book Fair – Keri Matra - Bookfair is Tuesday through Friday, May 1-4. Teachers are signing up now for time slots; flyer will go home after spring break; will work on lining up volunteers.

· Yearbook – Betsy Mullan - 211 preorders, 98 personal messages. Draft book submitted April 3rd.

· Berri Yummi Night – Lynda Neef – April 5th, 11:30 am to 10 pm; need guest scoopers; school gets 15% of group sales.

· Basket Bingo – Courtenay Hoernemann – May 2nd 6:30-8 pm; teachers signed up for themes and classroom flyers going home before spring break. Teachers will have gift bags right after spring break to collect items. Mrs. Vansuch agreed to be the caller. Going to send out email to get volunteers lined up.

· Nominating – Ellen Getty – no nominations yet.

Upcoming Events

  • Science Fair – April 19 6:30 pm
  • Berri Yummi Night – April 15 11:30 am to 10 pm
  • Book Fair (BOGO) – May 1 - 4
  • Basket Bingo Night – May 2 6:30 to 8 pm
  • Ice Cream Social – June 4 6:30 to 8 pm – Lynda looking into getting volunteers.
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – decided to be held on June 8 11:30 am; Courtenay will email Jen Cipolla, committee chair.

Other Business

Please consider serving as an officer next year. And please talk it up with other parents; serving could be a lot of fun! Elections will take place at May meeting.

Tie-dying Committee – Christine Imburgia has handled this the last two years with several parents helping her out. Courtenay will email her to see if she is willing to be in charge again.

Next Meeting (final meeting of the year) – May 9, 2012

Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, March 17, 2012, 7 PM

In Attendance – Lynda Neef, Betsy Mullan, Dan Cabrera, Heather Casper, Mary Levine, Karen Hallberg, Nancy Julian, Leona Williams, Ellen Getty, Jen Cipolla, Shannon McKenna, Holly VanSuch, Dee Fulmer, Greta Savage, Kemi Adelege, Dorrell Green (District Office Rep)

Approval of January 2012 Meeting Minutes – motion Dee Fulmer, 2nd Shannon McKenna.

Treasurer's Report – Silent Auction brought in $1200, Spaghetti Dinner brought in around $750 (expenses haven't been received yet), Chuck E Cheese brought in $327.27.

Principal's Report – 5th Grade spelling bee finals are coming up on 3/17. Christian Santiago McGee and Benjamin LaBarbera will be representing Forwood. Early Dismissal at 12:20 on 3/14. Issues have been resolved with Bran Mar shopping center due to the efforts of Barbara Meredith. The lot management has asked that parents and teachers do not park back there as it is reserved for employees of the center but the gate has been opened back up. Information about the parking lot rules are in Foxtales.

Teacher's Reports – Six teachers in attendance which was great. No issues to bring up. Appreciated having an answer on deadline for allotments, which was extended to 3/9.

Dr. Mark Holodick (Dorrell Green attended in Dr. Holodick's absence as he was double booked). Referendum voting on 3/28 from 10am-8pm. The average household increase will be $188. The total amount asked for was 27 cents for every dollar. 19 cents will go toward operating expenses and 8 cents to IT, facilities and maintenance. There were 5 subcommittees involved in creating the referendum, which included 60 community members. They committees looked at enrichment programs in the elementary level, preventative maintenance of the buildings, better safety measures for the buses (cameras on the buses). A 6th committee was formed for finance oversight. If the referendum does not pass there will be district-wide RIFFs. We are asking for the money due to the state reducing their district funding. Imperative that the referendum passes. Leona Williams asked if Seniors get a rebate on their increase? Dorrell Green said he will get back to her with an answer.

Committee Reports

  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera – 3rd Monday is pickup; would like help.
  • Spaghetti Dinner and family fun night– Ellen Getty/Dee Fulmer – everything went well and we had exactly enough food for everyone. Attendance was very close to last year's. Ellen will turn in expenses to Shannon for reimbursement.
  • Silent Auction – Lynda Neef – We brought in around $1200 from the silent auction (we gathered about $3000 worth of donated items). It was a big success. We may consider pairing the auction with another (better attended) event.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan – We have around the same number of yearbook pre-orders as we did last year (141 yearbooks, 58 messages). We have a slightly lower number of personalized messages this year. The deadline has passed for personalization. Betsy will continue taking yearbook orders.
  • Ice Skating Night – Courtenay Hoernemann- everything is set to go for the evening. We will keep 30% of the door sales. Flyers have been taken care of by Courtenay and will go home in backpacks shortly.
  • Chuck E Cheese Night – Keri Matra – Everything is confirmed for Chuck E Cheese on the 14th. Unfortunately, Chuck E Can only makes appearances after 2pm so we will not have Chuck E at the school for this event.
  • Berri Yummi Fundraiser – Keri Matra – We are confirmed for 4/5 and will receive the official flyer from Berri Yummi shortly.
  • Red Robin Night – Lynda Neef – This was a chaotic night due to Red Robin holding a fundraiser for Rainbows For Rachel the same evening. Red Robin and the Philly Phanatic were there as well as other entertainment (face painting, balloon animals and fire truck tours) that were part of the RFR fundraiser. For those who attended it was a great night however we're not sure this fundraiser was wildly successful. We will need to ensure that there is not another fundraiser the same evening if we choose to do a Red Robin night next year.
  • Science Committee – Lisa Hoffman and Megan Burns (not in attendance) – Leona Williams inquired about renting the “Magic School Bus” but the cost was around $2700 so that's obviously not an option. There will be a coral reef activity at the fair as well as other activities. Lynda Neef will send out an email to get more volunteers for the fair. Mrs. Williams would also like to know the science Fair budget (which Lynda Neef will get back to her about as Shannon did not have the budget numbers with her to address it specifically).
  • Nominating committee – Courtenay Hoernemann and Ellen Getty – Ellen has volunteered to head up the nominating committee and will take board nominations. Voting will take place at the May PTA meeting.

Upcoming Events

  • Allotments Due – Friday, March 9th
  • Chuck E Cheese Night – Wednesday, March 14th 3-9pm. Early Release Day
  • Market Day – Monday, March 19th
  • Ice Skating Night – Thursday, March 22nd , 6-8pm
  • Referendum voting – Wednesday, March 28th, 10am-8pm. There will be scheduled parent/child activities throughout the day.
  • Berri Yummi Fundraiser – Thursday, April 5th, 11:30am – 10pm.

Other Business

  • Jen Cipolla inquired about Reach Week and if it's something we can bring back. It was something that brought in money and promoted reading. Shannon had discussed some of the issues with the event (it was cumbersome for those involved and we didn't keep a large % of the profit). Bringing something to the school like a “read in” or internal read-a-thon would be great. Parents and families can sponsor the children, we can do it in house and keep all the profit. It will be something the board can discuss over the summer in preparation for the 2012-2013 school year.
  • Mrs. Williams inquired about the vendor night and if there would be one this year. Lynda explained that all the information from last year's vendor night has been misplaced so we decided to table it this year and think about it for next year when there is more time to prepare.
  • Mrs. Hallberg said the Jump Rope for Heart is going well
Next Meeting – April 4, 2012
Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 7 PM

In Attendance – Courtenay Hoernemann, Sue Cleary, Donna Schweitzer, Ellen Getty, Denise Nuss, Keri Matra, Dan Cabrera, Lynda Neef, Holly VanSuch, Shelley Sullivan, Betsy Mullan, Shannon McKenna

Approval of January 2012 Meeting Minutes – motion Dan Cabrera, 2nd Keri Matra.

Treasurer’s Report – Teacher allotments must be received by March 2nd.  Please contact Shannon about program expenses before you spend the $.

Principal’s Report – Science Night was very successful; 108 kids registered and 130 at the door (300 people total in attendance).  Traffic study conducted on Forwood by district; resulted in crosswalk painted in back parking lot and yield signs at crosswalk on side of school.  Parent has volunteered to guard crosswalk behind school and maybe others can help.  Jan 25th was Accelerated Reader program for first grade families; 22 students and 25 parents in attendance.  Mrs. Cordivano set up books and quizzes on the computers in the library.  Mrs. Bailey has retired and Ms. Gannon hired as permanent sub.  Mrs. Hallberg returns on Monday!!

Teacher’s Reports – Four teachers in attendance which was great.  No issues to bring up.  Appreciated having an answer on deadline for allotments.

Committee Reports

·     Market Day – Dan Cabrera – 3rd Monday is pickup; would like help.

·     Labels and Receipts – Pam Stevenson – Lynda will touch base with Pam.

·     Spaghetti Dinner– Ellen Getty/Dee Fulmer – All donations/food/volunteers lined up.  $7 adult and $5 kid; entered into raffle if they rsvped.  Confirm times because wrong time on website.

·     Silent Auction – Lynda Neef – Lynda will stagger auction item end times; working on packaging; so many items!!

·     Yearbook – Betsy Mullan – Order forms will come out soon; $10 per book; April 3rd the submission is due.  Cover contest winner posted and will receive free yearbook.

·     Chuck E Cheese Nights – Keri Matra – coming up Feb 16th; remember to bring your sticker for free tokens and mention you are with Forwood.  Chucky himself is coming to school for dismissal on the 16th.  Next Chucky night is March 14th.

·     Oasis Night – Lynda Neef – 125 kids; profit over $600.  Oasis let Forwood know that they wish us to charge more; we charge $5 and they said most schools charge more. Perhaps we should raise fee to $10 but offer $5 game card or pizza. 

·     Science Night /Fair– Lisa Hoffman/Megan Burns – huge success; Science Fair on April 26th.

·     Red Robin Night – Lynda Neef – March 1st 5-8 pm; two flyers will come home; need to bring flyer that night; 15% profit for us.  Discussion on assigning a specific use for the family night monies.

·     Ice Skating Night – Courtenay Hoernemann – March 22nd is tentative date; no confirmation from rink yet; perhaps should remove from calendar until date can be confirmed.

Upcoming Events

·     Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction– Friday February 10th 5:30 pm

·     Chuck E Cheese Night – Thursday Feb 16th

·     School closed Friday Feb 17th – conferences

·     School closed Monday Feb 20st  - Presidents Day

·     School closed Tuesday Feb 28th – Grading Day

·     Red Robin Night – Thursday March 1st

Other Business

·     Update from Lynda Neef on January District Mtg – Much discussion at district mtg on referendum.

·     Formation of Nominating Committee – Ellen Getty agreed to be POC; Courtenay will do flyer.

·     Keri Matra brought up Ronald McDonald assembly at Hanby; would it be something Forwood is interesting in doing?

·     Berri Yummi night still not confirmed for April 5th; need to identify celebrity servers.

Next Meeting – March 7, 2012

Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
7 PM – Forwood Library

In attendance: Courtenay Hoernemann, Ellen Getty, Shannon McKenna, Holly VanSuch, Lyman Chen, Lynda Neef, Lisa Hoffman, Dee Fulmer, Keri Matra, Daniel Cabrera.

Approval of December 2011 Meeting Minutes-motion Dee Fulmer, 2nd Keri Matra.

Once minutes have been approved, being posted to PTA website.

Treasurer's Report- basically no new activity since last meeting.

Principal's Report – There is a new art teacher, Mrs. Breadlinger who started Jan 3rd; new longterm sub for Ms. Hallberg. School just started back so nothing else to report.

Teacher's Reports – no teachers present.

Committee Reports

  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera – 16/17 orders a month, would like help on delivery nights from 6-7 pm.
  • Labels and Receipts – Pam Stevenson
  • Barnes & Noble Night – Courtenay Hoernemann – have not received profit check; will contact B & N.
  • Oasis Night – Lynda Neef – Jan 9th 6-8 pm, $5 kid collected at the door; Forwood receives 100% admittance and 10% food sales.
  • Chuck-e-Cheese Nights – Keri Matra will take over; 2 future dates already set; will be added to school calendar.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan – 1st payment made; 2nd due in March.
  • Spaghetti Dinner – Ellen Getty and Dee Fulmer – meeting this week to line up volunteers and resources.
  • Silent Auction – Lynda Neef – provided spreadsheet of donations received to date; doing great. Flyer will come home this month to ask for more prizes; auction and door prizes are needed.
  • Science Night – Lisa Hoffman – working with Mrs. Williams to line up 4 experiments to be completed in parent and child teams. Event is Wed Jan 18th 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Pre-activity to promote event will be done in the classroom; it is a handwashing demonstration. Asked parents to talk it up to others and emphasize RSVP. Lisa and Megan Burns will be doing Careers in Science at the Science Fair.

Other Business

Lyman Chen, owner of Berri Yummi (son is 3rd grader at Forwood), attended meeting to discuss fundraising nights. The school would receive 15% of sales and be provided a flyer. Suggested having a celebrity worker to draw families; perhaps Mr. Mays is a good choice. Keri Matra agreed to serve as Chair and potential date of April 5, 2012 identified.

School Closed – Monday, January 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Next Meeting – Wednesday, February 1

Forwood Elementary PTA
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
7 PM – Forwood Library

In attendance: Courtenay Hoernemann, Keri Matra, Shannon McKenna, Lynda Neef, Pam Bargren, Holly VanSuch, John Mastraianni, Jaison Sebastian, Dee Fulmer, Catherine Ward, Megan Burns

Approval of October 2011 Meeting Minutes- motion John Mastraianni, 2nd Keri Matra

Treasurer's Report-Shannon discussed the itemized spreadsheet she provided; all fundraising has been doing well.

Principal's Report- Playground Rules the most recent tip; these tips are being included in the Fox Tales. Gifted test will be administered to all K and new students. Barnes & Noble Night the 8th; chorus will sing and teachers will read; students will register at the door to be entered to win incentives. 4th grade going to Forwood Manor; rescheduled from Nov due to weather. Retake day for pics is the 14th. District Orchestra concert on the 14th at Claymont Elementary. Forwood Chorus and Band concert the 16th. Dec 21st will be PJ Day. 100 kids on the honor roll between 4th and 5th grade; lists to be published in next Fox Tales.

Teacher's Reports-Mrs. Ward discussed the bullying initiative at Forwood; Mr. Mays and herself run the program. There are good resources on the district website for parents. Message to students is Stop, Walk, Talk.

Committee Reports and Up Coming Events

  • Membership – Ellen Getty
  • Market Day – Dan Cabrera- $183.12 from Nov; several people showed up to help sort orders. Look for notice for help for coming months.
  • Original Works – Courtenay Hoernemann - $1,003.75 total profit; 107 orders.
  • Chuck E Cheese Night – Jen Grillo- $369.99 profit; will have two more nights this year.
  • Book Fair – Keri Matra- $1,616.01 profit; spring is BYGO so no profit.
  • Bingo Night – Courtenay Hoernemann - $247.00, good turnout.
  • Yearbook – Betsy Mullan
  • Oasis Family Fun Night – Lynda Neef – flyer to go home in Friday folders. Monday, Jan 9th, 6-8 PM, $5 per kid and pay at the door.
  • Labels and Receipts – Pam Stevenson
  • Spaghetti Dinner – Ellen Getty
  • Silent Auction – Lynda Neef - Lynda shared the flyer she is sending home in Friday folders this week asking for donations. Discussion of art work project to be completed by every classroom or every grade; Mrs. VanSuch will bring up the idea at the next staff meeting to get the teacher's reaction. Lynda has a handful of volunteers but will be sending home a flyer asking for more help. Discussion on where to set up the auction items in relation to the art/craft area of the Spaghetti Dinner; set up crafts in hallway and auction in front of cafeteria where crafts are usually located. Do we do bid sheets or sell raffle tickets for auction items; probably be a combination of both. Lynda already has about 10 items which is a fantastic start. Will send home another flyer in January as a reminder of the auction and to continue soliciting items to auction.

PTA Meeting Dates (Wednesdays)

  • January 4
  • February 1
  • March 7
  • April 4
  • May 2

Other Business

  • Playground Parent Group- Mrs. VanSuch looking into whether parent volunteers would need to be fingerprinted or not.
  • Several people brought up dog walkers on the school grounds and the fact that they don't leash their dogs and do not pick up after them. Suggestion was given to contact the North Graylyn Crest Civic Association to have them put a notice in their newsletter.
  • Parent brought up the speed at which some parents/buses travel on the neighborhood and school streets. Discussed if signage could be posted to indicate there is a school zone and the speed limit should be reduced.
  • Parent brought up piece of broken playground equipment. Mrs. VanSuch had already notified the appropriate person in District Facilities who would need to contact the vendor to come fix it. Mrs. VanSuch will send a reminder email to the District.
  • Jen Grillo entered her resignation at President. Took nominations for a new president; Keri Matra nominated Lynda Neef and it was seconded by Pam Bargren; all in favor so Lynda Neef is now PTA President. Lynda will discuss with the other three board members how the responsibilities of the board will be distributed.

Forwood Elementary PTA
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Location: Forwood Elementary School Library

In Attendance: Holly Van Such, Courtenay Hoernemann, Keri Matra, Shannon Mckenna, Betsy Mullan, Lynda Neef, Brad Gardiose, Chrissy McCullen, Frankie (Marie) Waller, Ravindrababu Kakarla, Ellen Getty, Dee Fulmer, Amy Jones.

Meeting called to order by Courtenay Hoernemann at 7:00 p.m.

Approval of May 2011 Meeting Minutes- no corrections so minutes stand as submitted.

  • What the PTA does at Forwood
    • Yearly events/activities combined with a brief review of committees

· Membership – Ellen Getty: 22 teachers have joined, 50 families have joined and about half of those chose the no product fundraiser. $952 from membership, $314.50 of which will go to national/state dues and $637.50 stays with PTA.

· Market Day – Dan Cabrera

· Book Fair- Keri Matra: week of Oct 10th, open 6:00-8:30 on Wed the 12th during Bingo. 71 summer readers will receive $5 certificate to the book fair.

· Bingo Night – Courtenay Hoernemann: several folks signed up to help, Mr. Mays will call numbers.

· VIP Breakfast cancelled (need to remove from school calendar)

· Vendor Night – Lynda Neef: is being rescheduled due to lack of planning time. Folder from previous vendor night is missing so Lynda doesn't have much info to work with. Can be much better prepared if we move it to after the 1st of the year.

· Original Works – Courtenay Hoernemann: met with Ms. Durrman and students will produce art work in class the week of Oct 10th with the order packets to go home the following week. Orders will be due back by Nov 10th. Orders delivered by mid-December.

· Forwood Fun Nights – Lynda Neef: discussed adding Chuck E Cheese and Red Robin, probably in Nov and Dec.

· Grounds Beautification – No Chair, but a large group

· Spaghetti Dinner and Family Fun Night – Ellen Getty

· Tye Dying – No Chair

· Kindergarten Fun Day – Kindergarten Teachers

· Ice Cream Social – No Chair, several volunteers

· Staff Appreciation – Jen Cipolla

· Labels and Receipts – Pam Stevenson

o Please register your Target cards! We got several hundred dollars from this source. 5th grade Leader Corps will help again this year with sorting labels.

· Spirit Wear – Laura Bozentka: Laura's last year at Forwood so need a chair for next year.

· School Store – John Mastroianni

· Science Club – Mrs. Williams

· Yearbook – Betsy Mullan, Chair with Ms. O'Hanlon: all books sold from last year; ordering 275 copies for this year; 40 pages with an increase of $.25 for this year; cover contest for students to design Fred Fox goes to school; will do their cover contest entries during art class.

· Welcome Back to School Event - PTA Board

· Faculty Breakfast – PTA Board

· One that we will not be doing this year: Reach Week (the Read-a-Thon)

· Added this year: Silent Auction-Lynda Neef: possibly be combined with Spag Dinner; flyer will go home in near future to start soliciting donations.

· Do we want to do a Traditional Fundraiser?- discussion of coupon books; Keri Matra showed book by Kids Stuff which costs $25 and school would get $12.50 from each book. Teachers get free books, if you sell more than 5 you get your book free, and we don't have to cover the cost of books distributed to students and not sold/returned. Only drawback is that the Kids Stuff book is not a Delaware-based book.

· Winter Reading Challenge Idea?- new idea for this year that would be somewhat like the Read-a-thon but greatly simplified.

    • Raise funds
      • Suggestion made to clearly identify PTA sponsored events and purchases so parents see where money is going
      • General Treasurer Report
        • Discussion and approval of Draft Budget for 2011-2012 school year-Shannon will have itemized list of transactions for November mtg since not much has happened yet.
        • Procedures for handling PTA funds-submit a refund request form with receipt attached to Shannon. Can be placed in the pta mailbox where refund forms are located (also on website).
        • Audit Committee Report-Shannon McKenna and Jen Grillo performed audit of books over the summer. They were chosen because they did not have any dealings with the pta funds last year, and it would give them a chance to become familiar with how funds are spent for their new roles in the pta.
  • There is still time to sign up to be on a committee; people can sign up now, just give me your name and I will put you in touch with the people who already signed up.
  • There is still time to join the PTA. Forms are here and on the website.
  • Future direction of the PTA
    • Can we go paperless?
    • Lancashire is trying something different (no membership and a one-and-done fundraiser). What works best for Forwood? – discussion of dance-a-thon to be done during the school day. Point raised that we would not eliminate all other events, and wouldn't want to do all events during school day because that limits parent involvement, and you create a sense of school community when you hold family events in the evening.
  • Principal's Report – Fall Fest had highest attendance ever, could be due to punch card incentive. Prevent Child Abuse DE will give ½ hour presentation to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Mrs. VanSuch attended the Teacher of the Year Reception earlier this evening to honor Mrs. Golden. Students have a half day on Thursday and will have lunch but no recess before dismissal at 12:20. Friday no school for Professional Day, office will be open. Interims will be provided to parents at conferences. Picture Day is Oct 26th. PBS Assembly on Oct 28th where Fred Followers will be recognized; also spirit day. Halloween Parade on Oct 31st at 1:15; Brandywine HS band will be here.
  • Teacher's Report- no teachers attended
  • Other business- Point brought up by parent that sometimes there is not a teacher/staff member to cross students at the end of the sidewalk across the car rider line. Mrs. VanSuch explained that there is someone there starting at 8:35 but not before since that is when the teachers' day begins. Suggestion of Safety Patrol but 5th graders might not be old enough to handle stopping traffic; concerned for their safety too. Mrs. VanSuch will work on having someone out there earlier.
Next Meeting: Wednesday November 2nd

Forwood Elementary PTA
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Location: Forwood Elementary School Library

In Attendance: Holly Van Such, Courtenay Hoernemann, Keri Matra, John Mastroianni, Debi Mosel, Erin O'Hanlon, Judy Chetkowski, Pam Galbraith, Jeff Gallion, Betsy Mullan, Dan Cabrera, Lisa Baker, Susie Kountorzis, Shannon McKenna, Jen Grillo, Sue Cleary, and Christina Van Velsor.

Meeting Called to Order:

Meeting called to order by Courtenay Hoernemann at 7:00 p.m.

Approval of April Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve by Keri Matra; seconded by Dan Cabrera. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report

See attached: Budget- Current Year report

Deposit of $227 from Chick-fil-a night; current balance roughly $9500.

Principal's Report

Joe Romano performed “The Magic is Real.” He provided positive comments on Forwood student behavior during his performances. Teachers also pleased with students because they pay attention. Mini-societies will take place Fri 6th and 20th; 1st through 5th grades can shop. Friday 13th is spirit day; 20th is K Fun day and 3rd grade talent show. Mentioned info for book fair, bingo, and field days.

Teacher's Reports

No complaints!

Committee Reports

· Market Day – orders due 17th; pickup 23rd; averaged about $200 per month; May final month; need chair next year

· Science Fair – 113 projects; largest ever

· Yearbook – is submitted; 208 out of 250 ordered; will be distributed at ice cream social; Betsy and Erin both willing to run next year

· Staff Appreciation – treat after break and June 7th luncheon

· Spring Book Fair – plenty of volunteers for all time slots

· Basket Bingo Night – Jeff and Pam to help Courtenay; consider ordering extra chips

· Tie-dying for field day – Christine Imburgia and two others will do

· Ice Cream Social – teachers will serve; PTA to buy supplies; suggested to have AC on!!

Upcoming Events

· Basket Bingo – May 11

· Ice Cream Social – June 2 6:30 – 8:00 pm;

· Book Fair – May 9-13

· Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – June 7

· Field Days – 17 (K-3) 18 (4-5)

Election of Officers

Keri Matra to remain as Vice President. Shannon McKenna nominated for Treasurer by Courtenay Hoernemann, seconded by Keri Matra. Jen Grillo nominated for President by Shannon McKenna and seconded by Keri Matra. Courtenay Hoernemann nominated for Secretary by Jen Grillo and seconded by Keri Matra.

2011-2012 PTA Executive Board

President – Jen Grillo

Vice President – Keri Matra

Treasurer – Shannon McKenna

Secretary – Courtenay Hoernemann

Other Business

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00pm by Courtenay Hoernemann.

Respectfully Submitted,

Courtenay Hoernemann

Forwood PTA President, outgoing


Forwood Elementary PTA
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Printer-friendly version (.pdf)
Location: Forwood Elementary School Library

In Attendance: Holly Van Such, Susie Kountourzis, Betsy Mullan, Courtenay Hoernemann, Jeff Gallion, Vince Grillo, Shelley Sullivan, Dan Cabrera, Keri Matra

Meeting Called to Order:

Meeting called to order by Courtenay Hoernemann at 7:01 p.m.

Approval of March Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve by Jeff Gallion; seconded by Keri Matra. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report

Deposit for Market Day has not been posted yet. Deposit for ice skating was $555. PTA able to provide $4-6,000 to school which is lower than anticipated.

Principal's Report

K-3 spring concert is Friday April 15th at 9:15; only one performance this year. 113 projects lined up for Science Fair which is tomorrow night. The theme is aviation and kids will be able to make and fly paper airplanes in the gym. Terranova testing the week of May 16th; parents will be notified in FoxTales. DCAS will continue as scheduled; 2nd graders only take DCAS in the spring. Mrs. VanSuch is scheduling Joe Romano for a day in May. The Beck and Cipolla families, along with some Forwood staff joined Preston and his family in VA Beach for Preston's March.

Teacher's Reports

No report; everything is good!

Guest Speaker – Mr. Mike Gliniak was not able to attend due to illness. Holly demonstrated the Spring Middle School website and will place the info in FoxTales.

Committee Reports and Upcoming Events

· Market Day – only two more market days, April and May

· Ice Skating Night – made $555 and approximately 208 paying skaters; terrific turnout!

· Spring Book Fair – teachers are signing up now for time slots; flyer will go home before spring break. Susie and Keri will begin to line up volunteers.

· Yearbook – 202 preorders, 82 personal messages so far. There will be no supplement this year. 250 were ordered so we may sell out, and not taking any more personal messages.

· Chick-fil-a Spirit Night – Coupons will go home Friday with class on it so we can tell what class had the highest attendance to win free ice cream. Must have purple coupon with you! Cow at car rider line on the 14th and Fred the Fox will attend.

· Basket Bingo – Courtenay will put up signup sheet for teachers to choose classroom theme and flyers will go home right after spring break. Mrs. Sullivan brought up that some teachers feel that they should buy additional items to supplement their classroom bag if they don't get a lot of items. Courtenay explained that she always has more than enough things to work with, and redistributes among the bags so that the prizes are equal. Courtenay will send an email to the teachers to let them know they don't need to supplement.

· Nominating – There have sadly been no nominations brought to Jen's attention.

Upcoming Events

  • Science Fair – April 7
  • Chick-fil-a Spirit Night – April 14
  • Book Fair (BOGO) – May 9-13
  • Basket Bingo Night – May 11
  • Ice Cream Social – June 2
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – decided to be held on June 7

Other Business

Courtenay discussed the importance of finding a few new bodies to serve on the PTA board. Elections will be at May's meeting which is the final meeting of the school year.

Next meeting – 5/4/2011

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 by Courtenay Hoernemann.

Respectfully Submitted,

Courtenay Hoernemann

PTA President

Forwood Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Location: Forwood Elementary School Library

In Attendance: Holly Van Such, Lisa Baker, Keri Matra, Courtenay Hoernemann, Jeff Gallion, Diana Golden, Julie Goodnow, Becky Tosun, Dan Cabrera, Jen Grillo, and Nichole Bishop

Meeting Called to Order:
Meeting called to order by Courtenay Hoernemann at 7:01 p.m.
Approval of February Meeting Minutes
Corrections necessary in the Principal's report. NAEP was only 4th grade. Motion to approve by Jeff Gallion; seconded by Keri Matra. Motion passed.
Treasurer's Report
See attached: Budget- Current Year report
Courtenay reported we have roughly $9,500 and may be able to spend $6,000 towards a purchase for the school.
Principal's Report
Mrs. VanSuch reported that things were quiet. PBS on Friday; Friday 2/11 is popcorn for Preston to raise money for the march; Springer's jazz band concert scheduled next week; children's behaviors have been pushing the envelope and have begun after school detention for 5th grade to prepare for middle school; Loretta Weisberg was chosen as nurse of the year for the district!
Teacher's Reports
No report.

Committee Reports and Upcoming Events

· Market Day –order due the 15th with pick up on the 21st; averaging about $200/month profit; need a new chair for next year.

· Spaghetti Dinner and Family Fun Night – fed 130 and brought in $760 with expenses of $150 netting over $600; awesome committee!

· Yearbook – Courtenay reported that orders are trickling in; presold 110 books.

· Chick-fil-a Spirit Night – rescheduled for Thursday, 4/14 at 5-8pm; proceeds will go towards recess equipment; maximum of $300 to be earned.

· Ice Skating Night – Thurs., 3/24 6-8pm; $8 including skate rental; pay at door.

· Science fair – Thurs., 4/7 PTA supports this activity; Mrs. Williams is the chair.

· Nominating Committee – Only 1 person is staying on; there is a book being put together to lay out the activities, so the new leaders know what and when to do things; there will also be members who will still help with activities.

New Business

· Mini Grant Requests – this is when the staff decides what they would like the PTA to purchase; team leader meeting last week and asked for a wish list; asked to inventory what they have and what they would like. Becky Tosun created a survey on-line for teachers to fill out and give their suggestions for what they need ; some feedback so far includes a voice projection systema and and ipad.

· Discussion of technology – Becky Tosun provided an inventory and history of the technology in the building. ARRA funds were used to purchase equipment and those projectors and ELMOs were installed in common areas and in 4th and 5th grade rooms. Projectors cost approximately $750, screen $70, ELMO $550, and installation $1,000. So the costly piece is the installation. There are two projector/ELMOs on carts so they can be used in any classroom/area, however the moving of the equipment causes wear and tear so installed equipment is preferable. She gave a demonstration using a projector and ELMO, and talked about the uses and benefits of ELMOs. She even showed a clip of a teacher using it in the classroom. There was also a discussion of ELMOs versus Smart Boards. The ultimate situation would be to have an installed projector and ELMO in every classroom!!!

Other Business

  • District Meeting Update – Courtenay told us the monthly topics; March- how to recruit new PTA officers; April – elementary schools report highlights of fundraisers; May – Middle Schools and High Schools report about fundraisers; September meeting – Parent Information Center will present on cyber bullying with a panel of experts regarding bullying. Each school in the district pays dues to the district PTA so the district can provide a scholarship for $1k for a BSD student going for a bachelors in education. Because not all schools have paid their dues, there currently isn't enough funds to offer the scholarship; hoping by next month all schools are paid up so the three district high schools can provide the scholarship info to seniors.

Next meeting - 4/6/11

Meeting Adjourned by Courtenay Hoernemann at 8:01pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Lisa Baker, Forwood PTA Secretary