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April 11, 2017

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

All of us at Talley Middle School hope to never encounter a dangerous intruder on our campus or find our staff and students in the middle of an active shooter scenario. However, to ensure that we are prepared for the unexpected situation, it is important that we practice our Heightened/Intruder Drills each year. Much like a fire drill, students will become familiar with this procedure with practice. In our planning related to school crisis scenarios, we have tried to anticipate every possible type of event that can occur at our school. This advanced planning allows us to feel confident that we are prepared for any possible scenario.

As part of our Comprehensive School Safety Plan, Talley Middle School practiced our annual Heightened/Intruder Response Drill on Tuesday, 4.11.17. The Heightened/Intruder drill/exercise is based on plausible scenarios in order to set objectives that effectively measure our school’s ability to respond to a threat inside and outside of the school.

We wanted to inform you on the purpose of this drill and ensure you that our number one goal is the safety of our students in these unforeseen situations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 302-475-3976.



Mark Mayer

Proud Principal, Talley Middle School

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