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Welcome to 4th Grade!
Here's to a Successful Year of Learning!
       Room 201 ~ Mrs. Anderson (
Room 201/204 ~ Mrs. Marconni (
Room 202 ~ Ms. Myers (
Room 203 ~ Mrs. Bojarski (
 Room 204 ~ Ms. Moloney (  

Check back frequently to see what we are doing in the 4th Grade! 

Upcoming Events
5/15  Spring Concert @ Talley Middle School 7PM
5/21 Field Day (PM)
5/23 Market Day!
5/26 Memorial Day - No School
5/27 Staff Day - No School
6/2 JCC Trip
6/3 Market Day Auction
6/4 Book and Bowl
6/5 Last Student Day


Monthly Award Winners

Mrs. Anderson
Citizen: David Lusch
Citizen: Ciani Everett
Reader: Erin Olkowski
Mathematician: Jonathan Liss
Mrs. Bojarski
Citizen: Jaiden Jeffrey
Citizen: Alyssa Baronio
Reader: Laura Anderson
Mathematician Daniel Jupiter 
Ms. Moloney
Citizen: Shelby Wilson
Citizen:  Taylor Thomas
Reader: Madison Steinberg
Mathematician Blaine Ingram
Mrs. Myers
Citizen: Jacob Lesley
Citizen: Sarah Chambers
Reader:  Tatiana Walker
Mathematician: Mackenzie Stafford
Banner Winners
Art: Mrs. Anderson
Music: Mrs. Moloney
P.E.: Ms. Moloney
Library: Mrs. Myers
Silver Spoon:  Mrs. Bojarski
AR Banner:  Mrs. Anderson


Multiplication Masters
Kalen Frazier
Cooper Berry
Tai Evans
Jocelyn Zavala
Jeremy Grimes
Liam Kehoe
Nicholas Tang
James Wang
Kerry Xiao
Jonathon Liss
Laura Anderson
Madelyn Whitlock
Remar Hudson
JohnPaul Moschelle
Eddie Johnson
Julian Harris
Nancy Cao
Lauren Lingle
Ricky Osman
Lorna Lin 
Tatiana Walker
Nicole Kelly
Adriana Ferguson
Jaiden Jeffrey
Anthony Marsh
David Lusch
Mekhi Sparks
Kobe Enechuku
Alyssa Baronio
Justin Goins



 Division Masters
Jocelyn Zavala
Kerry Xiao
Nicole Kelly
Kalen Frazier
Nancy Cao
Adriana Ferguson
Lauren Lingle
Mekhi Sparks




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