• Common Core State Standards

    Delaware is one of 44 states adopting Common Core State Standards in K-12 Math and English Language Arts.  These shared expectations are the result of a state-led effort to bring greater rigor in all of the adopting states and to provide families with a clear picture about what young people must know and be able to do in order to compete successfully in college, the workplace, and our global economy.  For more information about the Common Core State State Standards, go to www.corestandards.org or delexcels.org.  

    Over the course of the past school year, the District offered a series of informational sessions to our families about this important topic and how it is being implemented in our schools.  These presentations also allowed parents to hear the proactive measures the District has taken over the course of the past two school years in anticipation of the shift of standards, including the adoption of the Singapore math curriculum, Brandywine's STEM Program implementation, and adoption of a new elementary reading series that is aligned to the Common Core.

    Students and parents who want additional information about the Common Core State Standards now have one central place to look.   The Delaware Department of Education (DOE) has created delexcels.org, where parents, students, and school staff can find information about the standards, the new state assessment, and more.