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    Response to Intervention (RTI):  A Multi-Tiered System of Support

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a general education framework that involves research-based instruction and interventions in reading and mathematics, regular monitoring of student progress and the subsequent use of these data over time to make educational decisions.

    The RTI system provides time during the school day for students to receive specific skill-based instruction in reading and mathematics, as well as grade-level instruction in reading and mathematics. 

    Are all students included in the RTI system?                               

    Yes, all students are included in the RTI system.  All students receive Tier I curriculum and instruction.  Tier I curriculum and instruction is aligned to grade level standards.  We call this our Core Curriculum (the courses that all students take every day). 

    Students who are below grade-level or who need more time to master essential skills are provided additional instruction during Tier II and Tier III courses or groups. 


    What does Tier II and Tier III instruction look like?

    During Tier II and Tier III instruction, students are provided skill-based instruction and time to practice skills. This time does not take away time from a student’s grade-level courses.  The skill-based instruction and practice in Tiers II and III are in addition to a student’s grade-level courses (Core Curriculum).  We like to think of this as Core plus More.


    How do we know if a student needs Tier II or Tier III Instruction?

    We use relevant and timely information or data about our students in order to place them in Tier II or Tier III instruction.  These data come from standardized testing. 


    What is the difference between Tier II and Tier III instruction?

    The major differences between Tier II and Tier III are the amount of time provided and the intensity of the instruction. 


    Is RtI required?

    Yes, every public school system in the country is required to create and implement an RTI framework of support for all students.