• The goal of the Brandywine School District is to minimize interruptions to our school schedule.  If the weather or road conditions are unsafe for our students, families, and staff, we will make every effort to alert our families as quickly as possible.  Please check the following resources for the most up-to-date news regarding early dismissal, late opening, or school closing due to weather:

    • www.brandywineschools.org
    • http://schoolclosings.delaware.gov/
    • AlertNow phone message
    • BSD Facebook page
    • BSD Twitter feeds (@BSDk12 and @BSDalerts)
    • Text notifications via the @BSDalerts Twitter feed (no Twitter account required - sign up instructions are available here)
    • Email notification for subscribers to the Brandywine Briefings newsletter (to sign up, send an email to info@bsd.k12.de.us)
    • Local media, including WDEL, WSTW, WILM, WJBR, WMPH, and KYW radio, as well as Philadelphia television stations

    All decisions - whether they are about snow days, bus routes, curriculum, or school nutrition - are made with the well-being and safety of our children in mind. Closing school for a snow day is not a decision that is taken lightly.  As a District, we must consider the safety of our children first and foremost.  Even when school grounds themselves are clear and ready to receive students, the surrounding neighborhood streets and sidewalks may not be safe.



    School Closing Information

    Updated school closing information is provided to the following local and regional media outlets:


     Radio Stations:

    WILM1450 FM

    WDEL1150 AM

    WJBR1290 AM

    WSTW93.7 FM

    WJBR99.5 FM 
    KYW1060 AM 

    WMPH     91.7 FM

    Philadelphia Radio Stations - Listen for DISTRICT 969 
    Television Stations:
    CBS3, 6ABC, NBC10, FOX29
    School Closing Website:
    The Delaware Department of Education maintains a School Closing Website that provides information about school closing decisions supplied by each district.  To access the site, go to the following address: http://schoolclosings.delaware.gov/ .
    Weather related closing decisions will be made by the Brandywine School District Superintendent or designee following an evaluation of weather forecasts reported on national and local weather services and current conditions as viewed by the Executive Director of Support Services, the Supervisor of Transportation and the Supervisor of Facilities.

    After-school and evening activities are automatically cancelled when schools are closed for weather related conditions.

    The Transportation Department will notify parents if their child/children are assigned to a “bad weather”
    bus stop. A "bad weather" bus stop is defined as an alternate bus stop that will be used, when announced,
    during inclement weather when their regular stops become impassable. The District will employ a
    District-wide emergency system (“Alert Now”) that will alert parents to the early dismissal or closing of
    schools due to inclement weather. The system will be initiated from the District office and will place
     telephone calls according to students’ contact information; including home phone, office phone, and
    cell phone numbers. For school closings the same District-wide emergency system (“Alert Now”) will
    notify BSD Administrators, Supervisors, and Secretarial Personnel by 6:00 am. Early dismissal calls
    will be initiated as soon as the dismissal times have been determined.
    Delayed Openings:
    Radio announcements may include information-directing students to use “bad weather" bus stop locations.

    Each school will develop a late opening plan that can be quickly implemented to adjust school operations.
    Such plans will be prepared and distributed to staff in advance.
    Early Dismissals:
    Secondary schools (Grades 6-12) will be dismissed first, followed by the elementary schools (Grades KN -5th)and Bush School.

    Middle schools and elementary schools will serve lunch prior to early dismissal; however, safety factors may override lunch provisions
    and dictate an earlier time for dismissal.

    With approval of the Superintendent, or designee, central office secretarial personnel may leave after all
    District buses have departed the schools for their last dismissal run. Central office Administrative staffs
    are to remain until all District buses have completed their runs or released by the Superintendent or

    Each school will develop an early dismissal plan that can be quickly implemented to adjust school operations. Such plans will be prepared and distributed to staff in advance.

    It shall be the responsibility of principals in the Pre K and elementary buildings to contact the parent or guardian before a child leaves the care of the District.