nurse with student
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School Nurses Can Help Manage Your Child's Chronic Condition

  • Medication in School

    The school nurse can give prescription or over the counter medication in school. If your child needs medication during the day, please follow the guidelines below.

    - Send the medicine to school with an adult.
    - Send it in the original bottle properly labeled from the pharmacy with the child’s correct name, time, dose and date. 
    - Count the tablets unless the number of tablets is the exact number on the label.  You should know the approximate amount of liquid in the bottle.
    - Complete a Permission to Administer Medication form.

    If Your Child has been Diagnosed with Asthma

    - Students with asthma should always have a quick relief inhaler at school.
    - Please take the inhaler to the nurse's office for safe keeping.  Bring a copy of the Asthma Action Plan and permission to administer medication.
    - Will your child need to carry an inhaler?  If yes make sure the correct forms are completed. A second emergency quick relief inhaler should also be kept in the nurse's office.

    If Your Child has a Severe Allergy and Uses an Epi-Pen

    - Students with a life-threatening allergy should always have an Epi-Pen available. 
    - Please take the Epi-Pen to the nurse's office for safe keeping.  Bring a copy of the Allergy Action Plan and permission to administer medication.  Formulario de Plan de Acción Para Alergias en Español aquí
    - Will your child carry the emergency allergy medication? If yes, the forms must be completed, and extra emergency medication should also be kept with the school nurse.