Free Meals for All!

  • All students will receive free breakfast and lunch meals during School Year 2021-2022.  USDA waivers for COVID 19 have been extended.  This is great news for our school community. We know that good nutrition leads to better learning and healthier students.

    You will still be able to purchase snacks and a la carte items like usual.  Adult prices still apply.  

  • Click here to learn how to put money on your child's account to pay for a la cart items.

We've got big news!
  • Community Eligibility Provision Schools (CEPs) 

    CEP schools qualify for a universal meal service program. At these sites, daily breakfast and lunch meals are available to all students in the school for free.  However, this year ALL students at ALL schools will receive free breakfast and lunch.

    The CEP sites for School Year 2021-2025 are:

    Carrcroft Elementary School
    Claymont Elementary School (including Darley Road Elementary)
    Harlan Elementary School
    Maple Lane Elementary School
    Mount Pleasant Elementary School
    P.S. duPont Middle School
    Talley Middle School
    Brandywine High School
    Bush Early Education Center
    Joseph Brumskill Early Childhood Assistance Program