Bus Manners for Everyone

bus drivers in front of bus
    • Listen to the driver and follow the driver’s directions.  The driver is just like a classroom teacher.
    • If crossing the street to board the bus, look both left and right for cars, make sure the red lights are flashing, and wait for the driver’s signal to cross.  Always cross the street in front of the bus.
    • Stay at least 10 feet from the bus before getting on.
    • Enter the bus right away and immediately take your seat. Stay seated whenever the bus is moving.
    • Leave the driver alone.  Distracting the driver puts everyone on the bus at risk.
    • Always stay properly seated. (Back to Back; Bottom to Bottom; Book bag on the lap)
    • Talk to your friends in a normal tone. The driver can ask you to be quiet.
    • Students are not allowed in the driver’s seat.  Please try not to talk to the driver while the bus is moving.
    • Please keep your hands from the emergency equipment on the bus (emergency doors, windows, roof hatches, body fluid/first aid kits, 2-way radios, etc.) except as directed by the driver or during an actual emergency.
    • Bus windows are to stay closed unless the driver has given permission for them to be open.
    • Keep all body parts inside the bus.
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Save your snack for later. Please don’t eat or drink while on the bus.
    • Keep objects to yourself. Throwing objects of any kind either inside the bus, out of the bus, or around the bus is dangerous.
    • Take your trash with you and treat the bus and its equipment with respect.  No one wants to travel in a dirty or damaged bus.
    • Keep it clean. Don’t use abusive language or profanity, obscene or rude gestures, or spit while on the bus.
    • Get a ride to school if you have a large musical instrument, an animal, glass container, balloons, or a large school project to bring to school.  They can’t come on the bus.
    • Stay on the bus until your stop.