Parents, please send in all inhalers and epi-pens that are needed by your child. Students who currently have physical  education, are participating in the state pacer test. Many of your children are not used to increased physical activity and become short of breathe during this activity.  Let’s be prepared and have it available when needed!!! A permission slip will be sent home to be filled out and sent back ASAP.



    With flu season taking hold, we want to remind families that in addition to getting an annual flu shot, things like washing hands, covering coughs, and staying home when they're sick are really important to help prevent catching and spreading the flu. Area pharmacies are offering FREE flu shots. please otherwise make an appointment with the child’s pediatrician for a flu shot. Middle School children are often not aware that they are spreading germs. More importantly if they have a fever, nausea/vomiting or diarrhea, please keep them home.If you have changed your phone number, please feel free to contact the school with that change.  Let’s work together to keep our students and staff healthy here at Springer.


    Sharon Cawman,

    Springer School Nurse



    The NEW UPDATED DIAA pre-participation physical evaluation and consents form is a seven page document. Pages one, two and four require your signature while pages five, six and seven are references for you to keep. Page three requires the exam date and physician's signature. Pages three and four require the clearance to participate, date and physician's signature. The student must be cleared to participate on or After April 1st based on a physical examination conducted within 12 months of the signature. The clearance is valid through June 30th of the following school year.

    Please click the link below for documents in both English and Spanish. Students will not be permitted to try out or participate in any athletics without a physical on file with the nurse.
    Any student who is required to receive medication during the school day must have a parent/guardian complete a Medication Form. Students are not permitted to carry medication during the school day. All medications must be registered with the nurse.
    Medication Form