Special Education Team

  • The Special Education Department provides support and services that are offered by the District that have been designed to support specific student needs or that serve a specialized population of students. 


    The Brandywine School District's vision is that students with disabilities will reach their full potential as members of society. We embrace parents/guardians as collaborative partners in a process that promotes trust and respect. Each student shall be treated as a unique individual and shall receive appropriate inclusive education through the use of best practices based on scientific research.


    Our mission is to make special education procedures more universal with common practices and common language, to deliver consistent effective services and instruction, and to improve the quality of our services, which will in turn improve the performance of our special education students.

    If you need information or guidance on the topics listed, please contact Special Education Coordinator - Amanda Horton or School Psychologist - Alexandra Miller at Hanby: (302) 479-2220.




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  • To learn more about Special Education services in the Brandywine School District, please click here.