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  • Brennah Scott

    by Jade Length:

    Jade had a discussion with a sophmore standout on the Mount girls team, forward Brennah Scott.

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  • Andre Saunders

    by Liam Length:

    Andre Saunders is a sophomore point guard/shooting guard on the Mount boys basketball team.  Liam sat down with him.

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  • Zaria Newson

    by Kyle Length:

    Center Zaria Newson may be the tallest girls hoops player in the state!   Kyle wondered what basketball means to her personally.

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  • Brennan Fobes

    by Cole Length:

    Cole talked with junior power forward Brennan Fobes about hoops in the present and in the future.

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  • Coach Holmes

    by Kyle Length: 5:10

    Kyle sat down and talked with Coach Holmes about his experience and expectations for this year's team.

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  • Willie Walker

    by Liam Length: 2:10

    Liam talked with Green Knights player Willie Walker, then produced this GKI from it.

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  • Thomas Washington

    by Jade and Cole Length: 3:15

    Green Knights football player Thomas Washington was interviewed by Jade and Cole for this GKI.

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  • Concussions

    by Nico and America Length:

    Mount Football Guiseppe talks with Nico and America about concussions.

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  • Antonio Damasceno

    by Jacquelynn And Arielle Length:

    Jackie and Arielle had an interview with the Mount Pleasant JV and varsity kicker.

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  • Mr. Neff

    by Shifreya Length:

    Students Shifreya and Jadyn talk to athletic director Keith Neff about his job and his opinion on the sports at Mount Pleasant High.

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  • Matt Orgeron

    by Shawn and Will Length:

    Green Knights kicker Matt Orgeron talks about why he plays football and the brotherhood it brings the players.

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  • Coach Hershkowitz

    by Jyaire Length: 3:19

    Head cheerleading coach gave us a quick scoop about life inside her cheer squad.

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  • Raheim Burnett

    by Shamarra and Des Length:

    Number 0 on Boys Varsitys team and he gave us a lot of smiles and told us how much his team works hard and plays hard.

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  • Play by Play Announcer: Des

    by Length:

    Listen to basketball play-by-play announcer Des as she reveals what goes on before and during the gameday broadcast.

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  • Ronald Shipman-Scott

    by Shamarra and Des Length:

    One of the Captains from our varsitys basketball team and he told us how hard his team worked together and all his support he's had during this season.

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  • Rob Myrick

    by Sam and Melanie Length: 3:10

    WMPH students bring you an interview with one of Mount Pleasant's star athletes, who was the player of the week in the state of Delaware in December, Rob Myrick.

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  • Keon Taylor

    by Jared Munoz Length: 1:53

    Jared got the chance to sit down and talk to one of his close friends and point guard for the Green Knights Basketball Team Keon Taylor to ask him a few questions.


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  • Alumni Dave

    by Melanie and Sam Length: 3:38

    Students has a chance to interview one of Green Kinghts Super Fans! Alumni Dave is a main supporter to Mount sports.


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  • The Sixth Man

    by Length:

    Listen in as the biggest fans of Mount sports discuss what they do, as well as talk about the different basketball players.


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  • Coach Lisa

    by Length: 2:27

    This borrowed View From Bellevue features the brains, heart and soul of the operation, Coach Lisa Sullivan.


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  • Robert Myrick

    by Sam & Mel Length: 3:10

    Sam and Melanie had the chance to interview one of our star athletes on the basketball team, Rob Myrick. 


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  • Football Players Interview

    by Nasir Length:

    Here is a talk with three Football players about what they do before a big game. 



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  • Mr. Turner Interview

    by Devon Length:

    We sat down with with football coach and Guidance counselor Mr. Turner. We talked about his connection with the football players and coaches, And how  coaching effects his life. We also talked about his connections with players as coach or a counselor.

    Mr. Turner


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  • Mr. Neff Interview

    by julie Length:

    Mr. Neff is the Athletic Director for Mount Pleasant High School.



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  • Ms. Howton Interview

    by Cierra Length:

    Ms. Robyn Howton is an ELA teacher and longtime "Mama Bear" to the Green Knights Football team.


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  • Coach Holmes Interview

    by Siobhan Length: 3:00

    A Green Knights Intermission talk with the head coach of the Green Knights, Coach Holmes!



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