• In June 2015, the District Finance Committee recommended that the District go out to referendum to approve a rate increase of 28 cents.  This increase was based on the committee’s careful review of the BSD budget, projected costs, rate of inflation, and current program and personnel commitments.  These program commitments include strings for grades 4-12, after-school programs at all levels, AVID in all secondary schools, the state’s only full-time gifted program, exposure to STEM for all students in grades K-12, and extracurricular activities for students in all grades, to name but a few, as well as the staffing required to carry out the programs. 

    An operating referendum will allow the District to continue offering a diverse selection of programming to all students, including the current programs listed above.  It also will allow us to continue to be forward-thinking in planning our programming for future years as the needs of our students and our community change and grow so that we can continue to meet those needs. 

    The rate increase of 28 cents to maintain and build upon our current programs was carefully considered and recommended by the DFC.  These community members have been appointed by the School Board and are highly respected in the areas of analysis, oversight, and budget management.  For the average homeowner, the 28 cent increase will result in an increase of $206 per year or $17 per month.  To determine the exact amount for your property, click here to use our calculator.