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Educational Apps Resource List

   Various educational apps are used across the District and vary according to content, readiness levels, and ages of the student.  Educational apps continue to emerge and evolve as quickly as the devices themselves.  For these reasons, the District does not publish a comprehensive list of apps in use; however, the District has identified two apps that are in the process of being implemented PK-12 and consider them to be "BSD Core Apps".  Schoology, our Learning Management System, and Google Apps for Education, will be consistently used across content areas and grade-levels, PK-12.  These two 'core apps' work seamlessly with the student iPads being deployed as part of the BSD Instructional Technology Plan, and provide a consistent and unified platform for students and parents, across grade and cluster levels.
   The database below contains a sampling of educational apps that have received favorable reviews by educators, parents, and students across the country.  The list is not intended to represent or promote any educational app over another, nor imply use within District classrooms.  The list is provided as a starting point resource for parents and students to use, if they so desire.