Audio Postcards

Audio Postcards

  • Kindergarten

    by Willow Length:

    Everyone knows that a kindergarten has it's own set of identifying sounds, and Willow folded a lot of it's ambience into this piece.

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  • YMCA Guy

    by Willie Length:

    Willie approached a hardcore weightlifter at the Y to ask about his regimen and motivations, and captured the right amount of gym ambience.

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  • Gun Range

    by Tristan Length:

    In the wake of the February 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, not everyone is in favor of rushing to create more safety rules for firearms.

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  • Radio Aide

    by Michael Length:

    WMPH Radio Aide Chris is a senior with some decisions to make.  Student Michael captured a lot of natural sound around the school for this look inside the other student's mindset.

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  • Home Depot

    by Mark Length:

    Mark included a lot of ambient sound of hardware stores in the mix of his chat with a Home Depot employee.

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  • Barbershop

    by Jermaine Length:

    Jermaine identified a place in his world that has a lot of distinct sounds:  The neighborhood barbershop.

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    by Aidan Length:

    WMPH staffer Aidan interviews JROTC Sargeant Gabriel Gonzalez about his career in the military and at Mount.

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  • Buyer Beware

    by Christian Length:

    Christian's audio postcard documents his own research scouting mission to a tattoo parlor.

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  • Ayman and the Homeless Guy

    by Ayman Length:

    The sounds of Rodney Square in downtown Wilmington saturate this tenderly recorded and edited conversation between WMPH staffer Ayman and Mr. Mack, who has no home.

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  • 2017 Jamboree

    by Kyle Length:

    Scouting has it's own unique sounds, especially when everyone around you is setting up for Jamboree while you are interviewing a junior scoutmaster about his motives and journey.

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  • Soul of Phila in the 70s

    by Ken Length:

    Ken sits down to tell us about the soul of phila in the 70s and what is it

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  • Basketball Playoffs

    by Nasir smith Length:

    Basketball player talking about the life of basketball and winning the chip :)

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  • Communities Within Drama Programs

    by Siobhan Dougherty Length: 3:25

    This Audio Postcards attempts to portray the warm and welcoming atmosphere within a highschool drama program. It sheds light on the feeling of community and the collection of sounds that accompany putting a production together. 


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  • The Room

    by Cierra Length:

    Cierra compares between the cafeteria open to everyone and the senior room for seniors only. 

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  • Empire

    by Kelsha and Donnell Length:

    Kelsha and Donnell sits down to tell us about empire and to tell us its not on the television anymore until March 23rd 

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  • Mounts Engineering Program

    by Devon Length:

    Mr. Twilley sits down with us to explain about how all his machines work and about Mount Pleasant Engineering.

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