• WMPH Radio Camp!

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    The Brandywine School District is proud to present this annual hands-on, radio and broadcast career exploration camp for students 13-18, boys or girls, from anywhere in Delaware!    
    If you have been curious about radio broadcasting, audio editing, copy writing, promotions, or mass marketing, this 3-week July camp is for you!  For the last three weeks in July, you'll work with campers and professionals in the radio industry as you explore the opportunities in radio broadcasting and audio production for radio.
    Last year's radio camp ran from Monday July 9 - Friday July 27
    Camp includes three weeks of hands-on work experience at 100-watt radio station Super 91.7 WMPH, and one day's paid internship at a regional 50,000 watt radio station! 
    IDK - Tacky?    
    Girl Campers Strongly Encouraged!  :)   Do you know a young lady who might want to explore radio broadcasting?   Please encourage her to apply.  
    Naturally, openings for this unique no-cost learning opportunity are very limited.  WMPH Radio Camp can fit only a limited number of campers, and it's absolutely free, including lunches and a camp t-shirt!   Watch this page for the 2019 camp application.  Every summer, it's an awesome good time, and makes for great radio!  
    Thanks for listening for campers audio work on 91.7 FM, and online at WMPH.net! 
    Below are just some of the activities and some of the guests whom we have interviewed at WMPH Radio Camp:

  • Emotional Singers

    by Zeke Length: 23:34

    WMPH radio camper Zeke got some invaluable help from his collaborator Cody in this collection of pop singers who are notable for wearing their hearts on their sleeves when they perform.   Have a tissue handy.   Also Saturdays at 7pm on 91.7 FM or bit.ly/WMPHRadio.

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  • New Jack City FINALLY

    by Maya Length: 27:48

    Maya set out to make this show back when she was a 9th grader.  Now she is a WMPH Camp Aide who is about to become a senior.  The long-awaited music show about New Jack City sub-genre that you have been waiting for Maya to finish for almost 3 years?  :)   It's here.    Also Sundays at 8pm on 91.7 FM or bit.ly/WMPHRadio.

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  • 90s Variety

    by Liam Length: 32:34

    You may remember Liam's well-received 80s Variety show last October?  A collaboration with WMPH radio student Vaughn?   Well, hold onto your hats, because here comes the sequel.  Also Fridays at 9pm on 91.7 FM or bit.ly/WMPHRadio.

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  • Electric Jams

    by Kofi Length: 17:14

    Camper Kofi collected up a bushel of Electronica and instrumental Techno from bands like (but not limited to) Skrillex.  Turn it up.  Also Saturdays at 11pm on 91.7 FM or bit.ly/WMPHRadio.

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Last Modified on October 9, 2018