Procedures for Support Instruction (Homebound)
    1.  Definition:
    “Supportive instruction is an alternative educational program provided at home, in a hospital or at a related site for students temporarily at home or hospitalized for a sudden illness, injury, episodic flare up of a chronic condition or accident considered to be of temporary nature.” Brandywine School District also permits students awaiting expulsion to be placed temporarily on homebound until the Board of Education has made a decision regarding the student’s education.
    2.  Coordination of Services:
    The following procedures are coordinated by Pupil Services, building homebound coordinator, homebound instructors, and classroom teachers. Homebound instructors are employees of Brandywine School District or employees of companies that have been awarded the Bid for homebound instruction.
    3.  Eligibility Criteria:
    Brandywine School District students are eligible for Homebound Instruction for either MEDICAL or DISCIPLINARY reasons. 
    • Medical (click here to print the form for physician to fill out): A student enrolled in a school district is eligible for supportive instruction when the school receives the required certification that an accident, injury, sudden illness or episodic flare up of a chronic condition will prevent the student from attending school for at least ten (10) school days.  STUDENTS WHO ARE ON HOMEBOUND FOR MEDICAL REASONS ARE NOT TO BE IN ANY BRANDYWINE SCHOOL DISTRICT BUILDING FOR ANY REASON UNLESS THERE IS A DOCTOR'S RELEASE FROM HOMEBOUND. 
      • Medical/Physical
        • A physician (Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) must certify the need for supportive instruction for all medical conditions
        • A physician (Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) must certify the need for supportive instruction due to pregnancy complications or a postpartum period.
        • A student does not qualify for supportive instruction for normal pregnancies.
        • A student who remains enrolled in school is eligible for supportive instruction during a postpartum period not to exceed six weeks.
      • Severe Adjustment and/or Medical Health
        • A psychologist or psychiatrist must certify the need for supportive instruction for all severe adjustment problems and/or mental health.  This must be confirmed through a school conference before homebound instruction can begin.
        • Conferences with the family must include relevant individuals (e.g., guidance counselor, administrator, nurse, social worker, school psychologist, psychologist/psychiatrist) to discuss the circumstances, confirm that homebound instruction is appropriate and develop a plan for return to school.
        • Approval for severe adjustment problems and/or mental health issues will be for no longer than a 6 week period at which time there must be a re-evaluation by the psychologist or psychiatrist to continue with homebound instruction.

    The physician/psychologist/psychiatrist must certify that they are aware homebound is only up to 3 hours per week for grades K-5; up to 5 hours per week for grades 6-12.

    • DISCIPLINARY: all referrals must be a result of an expellable offense as defined under 14 Del. C. Section, §4112 offenses. This only includes students who have been suspended with a request for expulsion under 14 Del. C. Section, §4112 offenses and are awaiting their expulsion hearings/Board decision. Students referred by their building for alternative education are not eligible for homebound services.
    • Students with Disabilities: all referrals for students with disabilities who will be placed on homebound due to a request for expulsion:

    a. IEP team must hold a Manifestation Determination Meeting.

    b. If the behavior is determined not to be a Manifestation of the student’s disability, the IEP team needs to determine if Homebound placement is appropriate. The Application of Homebound Instruction form must include a complete copy of the Manifestation Determination form and the revised IEP.
    • Students who live in Brandywine School District boundaries and attend private school may only receive homebound services if they register at a BSD school and that the BSD school provides the work to be completed and graded.
    • Homebound is not intended to take the place of a full class schedule and all subjects are not offered. Homebound services provide instruction in required courses for graduation such as English, Math, Social Studies and Sciences. Elective courses including foreign languages will not be provided. College Prep courses may be substituted for Advanced Placement classes due to lack of expertise of Homebound Teachers. Exceptions will only be considered for those seniors who require a course for graduation.
    4a.  Building Homebound Coordinators Responsibilities:
    • Complete the Application for Homebound Instruction form and include all the necessary documentation.  All discipline referrals for students with disabilities must include a revised IEP that reflects the results of an IEP meeting whereby the IEP Team determined that Homebound is a CHANGE OF PLACEMENT and a copy of the Manifestation Determination.  Special education students suspended from school and waiting for an explusion hearing must have attached to the Application of Homebound Instruction form a copy of the IEP with pages 6, 7 and 8 being revised as well as a copy of the Manifestation Minutes.
    • Deliver the completed application with the appropriate documentation to Pupil Services in a timely manner.  Any delay in providing educational programming could result in non-compliance with State and Federal Regulations.
    • Verify with student's teachers that, based on BEA contract, they have the option of administering the homebound instruction based on the current homebound rate.
    • Notify and coordinate with building teachers for assignments, textbooks, and other relevant materials to be collected and ready for the homebound instructor within 72 hours of approval.  If teachers are notified at the time the form is being prepared, this will give them an extra day or two to have the materials ready.
      • Notify the teachers of the day of the week and the time that all work is to be at the collection point for pick-up by the homebound instructor.
      • Will make certain that all work returned to the building is given to the teachers in a timely manner - how this is done is determined at the school level.
    • Will notify Pupil Services office if work is not being returned so that there is no delay in servicing the student.
    • Will communicate with teachers that work must be ready for pick-up by the end of the day on Thursday of each week.  Homebound Instructors will return completed assignments and pick-up new assignments on Fridays of each week (after 12pm).
    • Will have all assignments at the designated spot ready for pick-up.
    • Will make every effort to be available to accept assignments/materials/books being returned on a weekly basis and to sign the returned merchandise form.
    • Deliver finished assignments to the appropriate teachers for grading for students in homebound 6 weeks or less by way of the Homebound Report Form.
    • Communicate with Pupil Services any information about the student that would impact homebound services.  (Student returning to school, change in address, etc.).
    4b.  Classroom Teacher(s) Responsibilities:
    • Upon notification from building homebound coordinator that a student is going on homebound, teacher will prepare work/assignments for said student and give to building homebound coordinator on designated date - determined by either the building homebound coordinator or principal/designee for the first 6 weeks of homebound.
    • If student is no longer than 6 weeks but anticipates returning during the school year, curriculum and/or assignments will be provided to the homebound coordinator.
    • Will have weekly work packets prepared for pick-up for the homebound instructor(s) by the end of the day on Thursday of each week.
    • Will review the Weekly Report/returned assignments submitted to the building homebound coordinator, grade and report grades.
    • Will be responsible for grading assignments and assigning grades for the 6 week period that teachers are responsible for the student.
    • Communication with building homebound coordinator.
    4c.  Pupil Services Responsibilities:
    • Contact homebound instructor or vendor when a completed homebound request is received and approved to arrange for instruction.  Weekly instruction times are:
      • 3 hours for grades K-5
      • 5 hours for grades 6-12
    Notification will be by email, fax, mail and/or phone and confirmed as received by the employee or contracted agency.
    Middle and High School instruction may be divided in the two to four major subjects only.  This would provide 2.5 hours per week for 2 courses reduced to 1.25 hours per week for 4 courses.  Other subjects will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
    • Send notification to parent/guardian and school identifying the homebound instructor.  This is done by letter to parent with copy going to building homebound coordinator and an email to the building homebound coordinator the day teachers are arranged.
    • Notify homebound instructor(s) of the day and time assignments/materials/books will be available in the school.
    • Notify the homebound coordinator in each building of the scheduled time and place of instruction for each student.
    • Every Friday will collect from all homebound instructors:
      • Weekly Homebound Report Forms (must include attendance)
      • Weekly Materials/Work Returned to School Form
    • Notify the school if student fails to attend homebound instruction.
    • Notify the school that they need to make a referral to their visiting teacher if student fails to appear for instruction.
    • Terminate homebound instruction when appropriate.
    • Assist homebound instruction/school and school/homebound instructor if difficulties arise with either party.
    4d. Homebound Instructors Responsibilities:
    • Arrange with the family a convenient time and place for instruction after Pupil Services has notified the family of homebound instruction.  Homebound instruction will only take place in the presence of another adult (21 years or older).
    • Notify Pupil Services of time and address instruction is to take place.
    • Identify student's name on materials and name of courses being returned.
    • Write a small description/content of each course covered to assist school teacher.
    • Grade assignments of all students on homebound longer than 6 weeks.
    • Submit grades to homebound coordinator in the appropriate building with copies being given to Pupil Services.
      • When dropping off assignments/materials, etc., ask to see if the building homebound coordinator is available to receive.  If not, make sure a secretary or principal signs the form indicating that assignments/materials have been returned.
      • Assignments/materials will be ready for pick-up by 12pm on Friday of each week.  Completed assignments/materials must be dropped off by Friday afternoon of each week. 
      • Include comments on the above form to keep teacher informed of what the student is doing, how the student is doing, etc.
    • Provide the appropriate number of hours of instruction on a weekly basis.
    • Use the Weekly Homebound Report Form for documentation of providing services and to submit your total hours worked.  These forms must be signed by parent/guardian and delivered (or faxed, 792-3965) to the Pupil Services office on a weekly basis. 
    • Submit the Weekly Materials/Work Returned to School form to the Pupil Services on the week that books are taken and/or returned to the school.
    • Contact Pupil Services if a student fails to report for instruction.  Contact the school and Pupil Services if extenuating circumstances change the status of the student.  These may include, but are not limited to, hospitalization, incarceration, runaway or family problems.
    • If parents have any questions and/or concerns regarding the student's progress, services, and instruction, please direct them to the building administrator of the assigned school.

    Please contact Theresa Kubiak at (302) 793-5063 (theresa.kubiak@bsd.k12.de.us) or Ann Hilkert at (302) 793-5043 (mark.mayer@bsd.k12.de.us) with any questions.
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