Welcome to 1st Grade at Lombardy!

  • First Grade teachers at Lombardy Elementary School work hard each day to inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love of learning while doing “First Things First”. First Grade is just that, a year of firsts. It is the first time for desks, spelling tests, taking AR quizzes, reading chapter books, contractions, learning long vowels, solving math problems with teen numbers, and even learning to add to 100! It is the year of losing teeth, tying shoes, mastering the monkey bars and making lifelong friendships all while mastering math facts, becoming fluent readers and writing for a variety of purposes. First grade is always Full of Fun! The first graders at Lombardy enjoy Apple Investigation Day, a trip to the farm to explore pumpkins, Pumpkin Investigation Day, The First Grade Feast, a visit to Ashland Nature Center to learn about the Young Lenape, Holidays around the World, Whiz Kids, I Love to Read Month, RIF Reading Challenge, a trip to the Waste Management, creating a Fairy Tale Museum, Writing a Research Paper all about frogs, and ending the year with a First Grade Picnic at Longwood Gardens! What an amazing and magical year first grade is for each of our Lombardy Leaders!