Updated Principals Message

Kevin Palladinetti
  • Summer greetings from the home of the Raiders!


    As expected, the 2023-2024 school year did not disappoint.  As we pause and take the time to reflect; looking to build upon our success and correct any missteps, let us continue to celebrate the class of 2024.  Commencement is the culmination of a journey that began 13 years prior.  For many students, the entirety of their experience was right here in BSD, and ultimately Concord High School. 


    Congratulations class of 2024!  We are proud of you and wish you success, health and happiness in the days ahead. 


    And remember: Once a Raider, Always a Raider!


    2024 Graduation highlights video



    Kevin M. Palladinetti


    Concord High School