Special Education

Special Ed
  • Special education services are provided to students with disabilities. Students with possible challenges are screened.  Their needs are identified, and a document called an Individual Education Plan, or IEP, is designed to support them so they can do well in school. Special Ed services are designed to help kids meet goals outlined in a student’s IEP. Special education teachers and support staff work together with the student’s classroom teachers to make sure that the student is supported.  The goal is for Talley students to get the support they need to do the best in their classes.  The entire school benefits when parents, teachers, staff and students work together.

  • Instructional Support

Name: E-mail: Position:
Amy Elliott amy.elliott@bsd.k12.de.us Educational Diagnostician
Stacey Falls stacey.falls@bsd.k12.de.us Psychologist
Roberta O'Neill roberta.oneill@bsd.k12.de.us Speech Therapist
Casey Biddle casey.biddle1@bsd.k12.de.us Occupational Therapist
  • Special Education Teachers

Name: E-mail:
Brittney Corrigan brittney.biddle@bsd.k12.de.us
Elizabeth Cariello elizabeth.cariello@bsd.k12.de.us
Stacey Cizmarik stacey.cizmarik@bsd.k12.de.us
Aryan Eaton aryan.eaton@bsd.k12.de.us
J.D. Fleisher john.fleisher@bsd.k12.de.us
Maurice Hunter maurice.hunter@bsd.k12.de.us
Valene Irons valene.irons@bsd.k12.de.us
Jill Marsilii jill.marsilii@bsd.k12.de.us
Amanda Silva amanda.silva@bsd.k12.de.us
Steve Washington steven.weaver@bsd.k12.de.us
Melody Strusowki melody.strusowki@bsd.k12.de.us