Investing in the Future

  • When significant capital improvements are necessary, BSD asks for the support of the community through a referendum vote in the general election.  The last referendum was held in 2016 and included the following projects:

BHS construction rendering

Carrcroft Cafeteria rendering

Claymont Construction Rendering

New fields at PS duPont

    - Upgrades to address ADA compliance
    - Window replacement
    - Work on the roof
    - Improvements to the parking lot and curbs
    - Bathroom upgrades


    Construction work will take place over three to four summers. During the summer the school will be closed and some school staff will be housed at other sites. No school operations will be impacted by the project.


    - Significant redesign to the building entry to bring Carrcroft up to BSD's security standards
    - Relocation of the front office
    - Construction of an addition to house the cafeteria 
    - Classroom renovations
    - HVAC upgrades

    The new cafeteria, main office and work on the three new classrooms will be ready for use during the 2018-2019 school year.


    - Upgrades to address ADA compliance
    - Electrical and HVAC replacement
    - Classroom improvements
    - New seats and lights in the auditorium
    - Bathroom improvements
    - Roofing and insulation
    - Relocate BSD Facilities Department from Claymont to 1000 Pennsylvania Avenue to improve motorist and pedestrian safety at Claymont

    Construction work is taking place over two years.   Parts of the building will be closed during construction. Classrooms and offices  will be relocated away from construction areas. For at least one school year, several grade levels will be temporarily held at the old Darley Road School.


    - Demolition of the existing building, which has been vacant since 2010

    - relocation of PS duPont tennis courts, softball field, baseball field

     The old school building has been demolished.  Construction of fields and tennis courts will take place during the 2018-2019 school year.