Ms. Bostick with student


    AVID Coordinator/Elective Teacher

    Crystal Bostick

    AVID Administrator

    Devearl Royster

    AVID Counselors
    Brent Vickers
    AVID College Tutor
    Zuri Green
    AVID Site Team:
    Schoolwide Support
    Daniel Bradley: ELA
    Dave Brown: Science
    Laura Carlson: Math
    Ruth Ann Dion: Math
    Caitlin Gibbons: Science
    Anne Frampton: Business
    Ann Hall-Nefferdorf: ELA
    Laura Heckman: ELA
    Thomas Pidgeon: Social Studies
    Tracy Woodson: Principal
AVID Yearend Picnic
AVID Picnic
  • AVID is Advancement Via Individual Determination, a program for secondary students. Please visit for more information about AVID.

    AVID Purpose:

    The AVID program is a 4th through 12th grade program designed to prepare students for a vocational school or four-year college. AVID is an acronym for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

    AVID Course Description:

    AVID class meets every day and is driven by the WICOR method.   WICOR stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. The AVID staff and students work together to build the skills necessary to do well in school. This course is meant to ensure that students who have the potential, and put forth the effort, can successfully apply, enter, and achieve in a four year college.

    AVID Student Leadership:

    As an AVID student you are expected to show leadership qualities, maturity, and responsibility. You are not only role models for the school. You represent our program in each class that you attend. AVID students are required to become active in school activities.   There are many clubs, organizations and sports teams both at school and in the community in which students can participate. Involved students are successful students! Remember, colleges want students who are involved in extracurricular activities!

    AVID Study Groups (formerly known as “AVID Tutorials”):

    Tutors will come twice a week to work with our students.  It is the student’s responsibility to have their Tutorial Request Forms (TRF), class Cornell Notes and other study resources prepared before they come to the Tutorial session. Notes are taken during the session along with a reflection and summary of what was discussed. TRFs are part of the AVID grade.

    Study groups are NOT a tutoring session. Instead they are a student-centered and student-lead chance to ask questions. The tutors are a great support for our students as they reach for success in their more difficult classes. It is the student's responsibility to go online and download the Tutorial Sheet from the AVID website. Students are able to do this from home or the school library.

    AVID Binder Checks:

    An organized binder is a big part of the AVID success story. Students will receive a handout outlining the requirements and expectations of their AVID binder. Binders will be checked during AVID Study Groups. Keeping this binder is one of the single most important tasks you have in AVID. A rubric will be provided. It is very important to keep your binder and Springer Agenda Book well organized by date and full of key academic information!