Science Department

  • Department Chair: Jonathan Sypher


    Faculty Contact Information:

    Jonathan Sypher

    Michael Oberly

    Dave Brown

    Maureen Romeo

    Caitlin Gibbons

    Brian Carberry

    Department Overview

    Core Science Classes and Science Electives are hands-on, inquiry based classes which address the following subjects:

    Topics Covered By Grade:

    8th grade - Energy (Mechanical, Waves and Light)
    7th grade - Matter, Genetics and Human Anatomy, Adaptations
    6th grade - Forces and Energy, Space, Earth History
    Zoology - Vertebrates and Invertebrates
    Environmental Science - Diversity of Living Things, Watersheds

    Additional information can be found on Schoology for each of these courses.



Girls in Science Class
Dr. Keskeny doing a science experiment