Two girls painting
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Visual Arts

  • Department Chair: Darren Schulke


    Faculty/Contact Information

    Darren Schulke 
    Max Levenson 


    Department Goals/Curriculum

    The purpose of this Visual Art class is for each student to develop their own artistic ability.  Every student is at a different skill level using media and techniques.  To become better artists, students need to develop the belief that they can do it! 

    They need to recognize that everyone in the classroom has different skills and to understand that they cannot compare their level to anyone else.  They need to realize that Art is like everything else -- the more you practice the better you get.


    Topics Covered

    Art, Art History, Aesthetics of the Art, and Art Criticism

    Studio Art

    Studio Art is a full year eighth grade art class designed for students with an interest in the arts or improving their creative thinking skills. The first half of the year we follow the eighth grade curriculum. The second half of the year projects are based on student interests and current trends in the contemporary art world. Tools, techniques, and materials are change constantly depending upon the work. This course will prepare students for the more independent approach followed in high school and beyond.


    General Art

    This is a hands-on class that introduces art history, art criticism, aesthetic judgment and studio production: emphasizes the ability to understand and use the elements of art and principles of design through a variety of media, processes and visual resources; and explores master artworks for historical and cultural significance.