Math students
Students working in math classroom
  • Department Chair: Stephen Merkel


    Faculty Contact Information


    Stephen Merkel               Janette Madison              Carolyn Morgera 

    Laura Carlson                  Trish Meixell                 Beth Wall   


    Kay Hossler                     Dina Thomas 

    Ruth Ann Dion


    Department Goals/Curriculum

    The math department teaches various levels of math to meet the needs of every student.  These levels include grade-level, pre-algebra, algebra 1, and high school geometry. We provide a great math experience that prepares all students for high school and beyond.


    Topics Covered

    6th grade: Area, Ratios, Unit Rate and Percentages, Dividing Fractions, Base Ten Arithmetic, Expressions and Equations, Rational Numbers, and Data Sets and Distributions.

    7th grade: Scale Drawing, Proportional relationships, Circles, Percentages, Rational Numbers and Arithmetic, Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities, Angles, Triangles, and Prisms, and Probability and Sampling.

    8th Grade: Rigid Transformations, Dilations and Similarity, Linear Relationships, Linear Equations and Systems, Functions and Volume, Associations in Data, Exponents and Scientific Notation, Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers.

    Algebra 1: Graphing and Writing Linear Equations, Writing and Graphing Linear Inequalities, Linear Systems, Exponents and Exponential Equations, Polynomials, Irrational Numbers, and Quadratic Equations.

    Geometry: Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles, Parallel Lines and Planes, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Similar Polygons, Right Triangles and Trigonometry, Circles, Volume of Solids, Coordinate Geometry.