• Honors and Fast Math Algebra

    2019-2020 Algebra Course Syllabus


    Daily Assignments:

    The newest assignment is listed on top.
    Friday 9-13-19
    Today you should have completed the Pre-Algebra Review Test.  If you have any questions about that test, see me on Tuesday 9-17-19.
    Classwork/Homework:  1-4-8-9 Assignment
    The 1-4-8-9 Assignment was handed out today in class.  You are to continue to work on this assignment until you get at least 60 of the 100 expressions written and simplified.  You do not have to go in order.  You just need to have at least 60 expressions completed.  The due date for the assignment is not until Monday 9-23-19.  It is expected that you work a little on it each day but you should not try to complete it in one or two evenings.  If you have questions about this assignment, please ask me on Tuesday 9-17-19.
    Wednesday 9-11-19
    There is no new assignment for today.  You should be working on completing and reviewing all of the Pre-Algebra Review work(Assignments #1-4).  This includes correcting your Summer Assignment.  The Pre-Algebra Review Test will be given on Friday 9-13-19.
    Monday 9-9-19
    p. 10-11 #3-31 odd
    p. 68 #17 and 22 (graph), 43-49 odd
    It is expected that you work up to 30 minutes per day on your Algebra assignments.  That means 30 minutes today (Monday 9-9-19) and 30 minutes tomorrow (Tuesday 9-10-19).  This should be plenty of time to complete the assigned work.  The Pre-Algebra Review Test will be given on Friday 9-13-19.  Please correct your Summer Assignment and turn in back in on Friday when you take the test.
    Thursday 9-5-19
    It is expected that you have already turned in the Summer Assignment and the signed Homework Policy.  If you have not done so, you need to complete both of these this weekend and turn them in on Monday 9-9-19.
    Wednesday 9-4-19 (1st day of school)
    The items below were handed out.
    Please complete and return as soon as possible.
    August 2019