Social Studies

  • In social studies, the Brandywine School District prepares students to become informed and active citizens.   We prepare them to participate in a democratic society and the political process. To do this, our students are taught to be critical consumers and producers of different sources of information.  Our students are prepared to understand their rights, practice researching issues using credible sources and support their positions based on evidence.

    The Brandywine School District follows the Delaware Recommended Curriculum (DRC). Lessons are based on the social sciences: civics, economics, geography, and history. Each of these disciplines asks the students to think and act like a political scientist, economist, geographer, and historian.  Students view the world through these lenses and use tools to determine society’s cause and effect across time.

    At the elementary level, students are given an introduction and basic building blocks for Economics, Geography, Civics, and History.  Through a series of special events and field trips students can experience first Social Studies hand the times, places, and events that shape our society.

    At the middle school level, sixth graders spend the year learning about Geography and our environment.  Seventh graders focus on Civics, and eighth graders dive into US History from the time of Native Americans to 1875.

    High school students can choose between a variety of Social Studies classes at the College Prep, Honors, and AP levels.  Ninth graders study Civics and Economics. Tenth graders focus on World Geography and History, and eleventh graders study US History.  AP classes are offered at every level.


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