Fine Art

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    Visual art is an important part of a child’s education.  It gives children a voice to express themselves and offers a window into cultures and ideas that they may not ever explore on their own.  Brandywine School District offers a robust Visual Arts program that exposes students to makers, processes, and ideas and encourages students to create exhibition-worthy artwork of their own.

    At the elementary level, art is offered once a week.  Students learn about how to create art, present it to others, respond to art, and make connections.  Individual teachers create their own curriculum based on state Art Students standards of learning. They bring their own interests and ideas to bear to create engaging lessons.  Each class has the opportunity to create by printing, painting, and drawing. They use scissors, form, and texture. The older grades use plaster, clay, more advanced forms of printmaking, and fabric.  

    At the middle school and high school levels, students take a class as part of their regular schedule. They experiment with a variety of materials and study different cultures and artists.  They are exposed to painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and drawing. They master the fundamentals of art such as line, shape, color, value, and texture. With each unit, students are encouraged to expand on their concepts by incorporating personal experiences. Cross-curricular lessons are integrated throughout the year.  

    High school classes are more focused.  Students take classes in a particular discipline of art, like photography or three-dimensional art.  Advanced classes in Portfolio Development and AP Art are offered to prepare students who are interested in pursuing post-secondary coursework and/or a career in the Visual Arts.