Parents as Partners

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  • If you have questions or concerns about your child's IEP or 504 plan, here's who to contact:

    504 Plans - your school counselor

    Evaluations and Testing - your school Special Education Coordinator

    Medical Concerns - your school nurse

    Building Scheduling and Services - your school administrator (principal or assistant principal)

    If after contacting your school resources you have concerns about the services your child receives, contact Nicole Warner, Director of Special Education and Support Services. You can also visit us on Facebook at to stay informed about upcoming meetings and resources.

  • Parents are important partners in a child’s special education team.  There are many ways for parents to learn and get involved.  Here are a few opportunities.


    Special Education Parent Orientation

    Is your child new to Special Education? Overwhelmed? Not sure what your role is?
    Join us to learn the basics of Special Education services at BSD. We will explain services, procedures, staff roles, and what to expect at your IEP or 504 Plan meetings.
    We will be offering these orientation meetings four times during the school year.  All meetings are held on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm. 

    The first meeting is October 7th, 7:00pm.  Place to be determined.  Check back here for updates. 

    Connect & Learn

    These are opportunities to gather and dive deep into subjects for which families of special education students struggle.  At each session, a guest speaker leads the discussion about their topic of expertise. Sessions are held once a month. 

    Click Here to Learn About Upcoming Sessions.


Online Resources for Families