Keeping Kids Safe Online

teacher working with kids in computer lab
  • The safety and security of our children is the top priority for the Brandywine School District. This includes student safety on the internet. BSD staff teach students to safely navigate and present themselves in the digital world.  

    The District uses iSafe, a comprehensive e-Safety curriculum that teaches Kindergarten through 11th Grade students how to safely use the internet. This curriculum focuses on three main areas: 1) Appropriate Online Behavior; 2) Social Networking; 3) Cyber Bullying. At the Elementary level, the lessons are covered primarily by the Library Media Specialist and reinforced by classroom teachers.  At the secondary level students the curriculum is taught across all core content and elective classes.

    Another way that we keep our students safe is to filter the websites that students can access while at school to make sure they are appropriate. Primarily the state Department of Education controls this function. Inappropriate websites are blocked and additional websites are restricted based on keywords being used in the search title. DOE’s filters meet or exceed federal guidelines for PK-12.

    BSD provides wireless networks in each school to support student work on a variety of devices as part of the school day. Additional filters exist on these networks as well.

    The Brandywine School District uses a Learning Management System called Schoology in all its schools.  Schoology offers an array of benefits to students and staff alike. Students can access assignments and take quizzes and review background material for their lessons. It also serves as a secure environment for communication between students and between students and staff. Since Schoology is secure and restricted to only BSD students and staff, the District has the ability to monitor any and all communications within the system.