Achiever's Academy


    Achievers' Academy is an elite program for students who are in grades 9 - 12. Achievers' Academy provides a high-quality and comprehensive cultural educational experience.  Its goal is to build a program that promotes positive self-esteem and high academic achievement by emphasizing organizational skills, preparedness, perseverance, and other character traits. Students are expected to improve the skills needed for success at Concord, graduating and succeeding in college.  It is founded on the following principles:  Achievement, Believing in Oneself, Character, Leadership, Good Health, and Service.
    Achievers' Academy will teach students:
    Tolerance, how to practice self-control, challenge sneers and break stereotypes, defy the odds, and make the world a better place --- every day!
    We believe we can close the achievement gap by utilizing the tools of role modeling and emphasizing character and leadership development.
    A  High School Success
    Plan for Graduation
    Character and Leadership Development
    Cultural Studies
    Mentoring/Role Modeling
    Service Learning
    College Tours
    STEM Related Research Projects
    Empowerment Team Partners
    Mrs. Michele Alivernini, School Counselor & Program Coordinator
    New Life Christian Center/New Life Community Development Corporation with Pastor David Pope, Co-Coordinator
    Mr. Garth Warner, Co-Coordinator
    Use Your  Agenda  Book  Daily!
     Never Miss An Assignment!
    Don't Stop Believing!
    Contact Information:
    Mrs. Michele Alivernini, Coordinator
    (302) 475-3950 ext. 2015 -- phone
    (302) 529-3072 -- fax
    Core Philosophy
    Achievers' Academy recognizes that:
    • each child is an individual
    • that all children are creative
    • that all children need to and have the potential to succeed.
    Achievers' Academy respects the individual needs of children by fostering a nurturing, empowering, and creative environment.  It also emphasizes the holistic approach to the development of each child.
    Program Framework

    Group mentoring sessions are held during the school day.  They are announced in advance and students are issued a pass to attend. Individual mentoring sessions are held on an as-needed basis.  Again, students are informed in advance and a pass is issued to attend.

    Students will work closely with Mrs. Alivernini, Mr. Warner, and Pastor Pope as mentors of this program.

    Regular meetings will be held after school on the last Thursday of each month.  Meetings will be held in the Achiever's Loft -- 2nd floor of the Auditorium.

    Mentoring and Tutoring sessions are held each Tuesday and Thursday after school in the Counseling Center from 2:15 to 4:15.
    • Active parent involvement is expected in each of these activities.
    1. Members are expected to participate in all fundraisers.
    2. Members must participate in the entrepreneurship venture "The Cookie Cafe" after school and during lunch periods when the cafe is open.
    3. Our colors are deep purple and gold.  Members' uniform consists of a purple polo-designed shirt to be worn with black or khaki pants.  The uniform is worn during volunteer activities, field trips, and the fourth Wednesday of each month.
    4. Members are evaluated on their academic achievement and character at interim mark reporting periods and at the end of each marking period.  Members are held accountable for their professional deportment, character, and behavior on a daily basis.