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    This note for parents of Senior IB students.  If your child is not a senior, please disregard!  

    Please save Sunday, May 5th at 5:00 pm for the Senior IB Dinner (for both DP and certificate students). Official invites with details will be mailed to your student's attention at the address on file,

    We are asking each family to submit 4-5 photos of their child to be used toward a presentation. If possible, please select one as an infant or toddler, one as a youngster, one or two as an "awkward" young teen, and one very recent pic (senior/graduation photo?). If you or your student has a favorite group picture from their years at MPHS, this also can be submitted....some kind of group photo with friends, etc.- maybe from Relay for Life, or a sporting event or a prom, etc.

    Please submit the photos (in jpg format if at all possible) to Beth Giffin via email at pcbethg@gmail.com. The subject line should include the student's name and "IB Pictures"

    We will need the pictures by March 26th at the latest.