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    Faculty Contact Information

    Kirsta Liss-Stoume

    Anne Frampton


    Department Overview

    The Springer Middle School Business Department provides real world business experiences to students.  These prepare them for high school, a career in business and a successful adult life.


    Topics Covered

    Exploring Business – Level I (Grade 7)
    In 7th Grade students are introduced to new concepts in business.  They build skills in finance and business computing.   

    · Keyboarding Skills
    · Introduction to Schoology
    · Introduction to Business Concepts and Skills
    · Computer Technology Skills 
    · Junior Achievement JA Finance Park – Personal Finance
    · Google Docs introductory skills
    · Microsoft Office Suite introductory skills
    · iSafe – Internet Safety

    Exploring Business – Level II (Grade 8)
    In this course middle school students explore possible careers, financial literacy, basic keyboarding skills, Internet safety and usage, and computer software. Students explore careers using the Career Compass Program. An interactive program called Banzi! teaches financial literacy. The students work on typing skills every day with a self-paced program. iSafe is the program used for Internet Safety. The students continue to work on a variety of computer apps typically used in business.