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    Library Rules & Information

  • Library Check Out Rules & Fees
    • BOOKS:  Checked out for 4 weeks - except reserves
    • YEAR BOOKS (1950-PRESENT):  Library Use Only
    • MAGAZINES: 7 day check out period
    • REFERENCES: Overnight


    Library Rules

    • Be considerate of others who are working
    • Use a quiet voice
    • No food or drinks
    • Appropriate language only
    • When others are waiting, limit the time you spend on electronic and online resources
    • Show care when using all library resources
    • The Library is the place to read, research, study, or find a book
    • The Library is not to be used as a social gathering place


    Library Don'ts

    • No gum, candy, food, or drink is allowed in the Library.
    • No cell phones and/or electronics may be used in the Library during the school day.
    • No musical devices with or without headphones may be used in the Library during the school day.


    Library Passes

    • Students not accompanied by a teacher need to:
        • Present a pass from their teacher.
        • Sign into the Library, writing legibly, using both first and last names.
    • Lunch period passes:
      • Students wishing to use the Library for only part of the period, need to obtain a Library pass from the Library staff prior to the beginning of the lunch period.
      • Students will eat lunch first and then come to the Library for the remainder of the period.
      • Library passes will not be given out in the lunchroom.
    • Lunch periods when no pass is needed:
      • Students wishing to use the Library for the entire period do not need a Library pass.
      • They must arrive in the Library before the bell rings and stay until the end of the period.
    • Please note:  Library is closed during 2nd lunch unless otherwise announced.


    Internet / Computer Use

    • No mailing, chatting, game playing, downloading, objectionable websites, streaming video, or non-related school usage.
    • One student per computer.


    Checking Out Library Books

    Books are checked out for 4 weeks.  They may be renewed for another 2 weeks unless they have been reserved.
    Lost or damaged books:  Charged for the cost of actual replacement of the book.
    Library Beautification
    • Students should return any books that were used while in the Library to the small cart outside of Mrs. McKnight's office.
    • Students should throw away all trash, push in their chairs, and return any borrowed items to the circulation desk.


    School Rules and the Library

    • The Library is not a social gathering place.  It is a place to read, research, study, and find a good book.
    • Students need to remember that all other school rules are in effect while visiting the Library.
    • Students violating the above rules may be asked to leave the Library and/or restricted from using the Library, other than when accompanied by a teacher, for a designated period of time.