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    Do you love sports? 


    Do you talk, think, eat, drink, sleep, and dream about sports?   Have you ever wanted to be the play-by-play broadcaster for a sporting event?   Calling every exciting shot from the opening whistle to the final buzzer?

    Students in Brandywine High School!   Concord High School!   Mount Pleasant High School!   Super 91.7 WMPH will give you valuable experience calling LIVE SPORTS!  It’s FUN to call football every fall, and boys and girls basketball during winter.

    If you have always wanted to CALL THE GAME… this is your chance!  WMPH Radio, inside Mount Pleasant High School, belongs to the BSD!  And it’s for ANY student in the Brandywine School District!  Come on over for your tour of WMPH today.  

    That’s right sports fans: the ball is in your hands!  Get ON THE AIR, calling sports play-by-play!

    Find out more RIGHT NOW with an email to Mr. Wish.

  • "GKI" stands for Green Knights Intermission, which are very small sports features that play during halftime of games on WMPH.

    Listen to one below by clicking on the name.  And listen for them during the games broadcast on 91.7 FM or bit.ly/WMPHStream.

  • Super 91.7 WMPH


    Green Knights Radio Sports

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                                  Correction:  The last regular season game vs Bohemia Manor HS will air on Monday Feb 24 at 5:30pm

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