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    Local Artists Profiles (LAP)



    March is interview month!

  • NPR style profiles are a short interweaving of student interview and the music by the local artist guest.   Only 3-4 questions remain, only the hooks of the most appropriate songs are kept.  These features are intended to air during our Student Voices podcast hour every evening after 7pm, or as Half Pasts during WMPH music hours.   In any case, these NPR style profiles are shorter.  Please sample a few of them!

    Less Than Five     Jea and Sage    Last Chance and Moh

  • These LAPS below are the full 30-minute profiles of the very kind and talented WMPH Local Artists who came in to interview with Level I radio students.  These Local Artist Profiles air at 8:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 3:00pm on Sundays on 91.7 FM and the streaming at left.   Enjoy full interviews with these local musicians and complete versions of their own songs.

    Nik Everett with Pd 8   Bobo and Yusuf   Sol Knopf with Pd 6

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