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  • Jim SImmons

    by Abe Length:

    Former Mount principal and BSD director of secondary education Jim Simmons is a friend of WMPH, he sat down with student Abe to make this playlist.

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  • John Norton

    by Ike Length:

    Newly-arrived Dean of Students John Norton came downstairs to record with WMPH staffer Ike.  Together they made a cool music show with the theme "Live Life and Embrace Who You Are".

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  • Martin Regan

    by Aidan Length:

    Aidan made this SIP with the help of Mount assistant principal Marty Regan.   Mr Regan brought a half-dozen cover songs by illustrious rockers and pop stars to the table.

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  • John Skrobot III

    by Colin Length:

    The theme of this music show hosted by BSD board member John Skrobot III with Colin was cars and car references.

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  • Sophia Schmidt

    by Nick Length:

    DPM Youth Media Producer Sophia Schmidt sat down with WMPH student Nick to build a SIP revolving around the feelings you get during your high school experience.

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  • Danielle Millbourne

    by Emily Length:

    Middle school guidance counselor Danielle Millbourne had a big influence on Emily a couple of years ago, so she was invited to WMPH to create this SIP full of songs that just "make you feel good".

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  • Tom Byrne

    by Kevin Length:

    Always best not to overthink it!   DPM News Director Tom Byrne got with Kevin to produce a playlist full of random songs that he likes!  This is a perfectly cromulent SIP theme, in our opinion.

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  • Colin and John Skrobot III Danielle Millbourne and Emily Nick and Sophia