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  • BSD Playlists are one-hour music shows built by WMPH students after they have a recording session with someone employed by the Brandywine School District in any capacity, at any level!   The adult brings 6 songs to the table, and the student has an answering song for each.  Click on the blue name below to hear the results!


      Cecelia and Mik Austin   Cpl Payne and Edward   David and Andrew Shur

  • Andrew Shur

    by David Length:

    Andrew Shur is that guy you go to when the computers or the internet or the app or the wifi or the network isn't working.  First thing he says is "Did you reboot the machine"?  Turns out that student David and IT Specialist Andrew are kindred spirits when it comes to musical entertainment. They both want it to THRASH until the cows come home. The songs are short but intense in this headbanging BSD Playlist.

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  • Eva Grider

    by Sanaa Length:

    WMPH staffer Sanaa and Ms Grider go way back: It seems like Sanaa has had her for ELA every year of her high school career, both before and after the pandemic kept us out of the building.  Ms Grider brings us a fun, upbeat group of songs to include in the playlist, and Sanaa answers back brightly every time.

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  • Michelle Kutch

    by Vicky Length:

    As always, both the adult and the student bring a half dozen songs to the recording session.  BSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr Michelle Kutch made her theme "Blast From the Past", and WMPH student Vicky answered song-for-song in this memorable and catchy BSD Playlist! 

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  • Corporal Payne

    by Edward Length:

    Our Mount Pleasant High School SRO (School Resource Officer) is more than just a plain old law enforcement officer!  Corporal Payne brings WMPH staffer Edward an "en fuego" playlist chock full of upbeat dance numbers from the worlds of Salsa, Samba, Nuevo Casino - a truly international mix of European, Latin and Cuban dance rhythms. 

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  • Mik Austin

    by Cecelia Length:

    WMPH staffer Cecelia seemed to be familiar with all the songs brought to the table by the BSD's new marketing specialist, Mikaelyn Austin.  Turns out they are both fans of the same gothic metal band from Little Rock, and the sympatico continued for most of the hour-long music show, until our adult guest finally surprised the student with some music hitherto unknown to her.

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  • Rev. Shanika Perry

    by Kevin Y Length:

    BSD board member Reverend Shanika Perry compared songs with WMPH radio student Kevin.  We think you will agree that the resulting music show is an interesting contrast in genres wrapped in an interesting exchange of views.  And the pair work on giving Rev Perry a new "DJ name"!

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