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  • BSD Playlists are one-hour music shows built by WMPH students after they have a recording session with someone employed by the Brandywine School District in any capacity, at any level!   The adult brings 6 songs to the table, and the student has an answering song for each.  Click on the blue name below to hear the results!


       Gemma and Kim Stock   Farhana and Ms Yurkanin   Vannah and Mike Rossi   Vici Sorg and Kris   Nidra Calloway and Neasia

  • Nidra Calloway

    by Neasia Length:

    Mount Pleasant High School Dean of Students Nidra "Cuttin' Up" Calloway knows how to bring out the best effort in all the students in her care here at Mount.  That includes drawing out a lively and energetic hour of music from WMPH staffer Neasia. Neasia had that going on anyway. Listen as they trade bops, and make the speakers in Production Studio 2 almost bounce off the wall!  Enjoy this slightly extended version.

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  • Kimberly Stock

    by Gemma Length:

    BSD board member Kim Stock and WMPH staffer Gemma both carry around a diverse palette of music from locations all over the world!  Enjoy the extended version of the hour program - with 10% more content!  Everything from the Fab 4 to K-Pop, this playlist has it all!

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  • Amy Lemon

    by Bridge Length:

    Sure, it's true that the student (Bridge) was playing mostly contemporary hits, and MPHS Special Education Coordinator Amy Lemon was playing a variety of country artists, but they were both talking and listening to each other!  Enjoy the family stories, personal meanings, hopeful messages and the hopeful leitmotifs underpinning this exchange of songs.

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  • Victoria Sorg

    by Kris Length:

    WMPH staffer Kris and BSD Coordinator of College and Career Readiness Vici Sorg had fun examining their contrasting ideas of what makes "pop music".  One of many themes in common, however:  Both sets of songs exhibit a "can do" positive outlook on life and it's challenges.  Enjoy the music!

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  • Mike Rossi

    by Vannah Length:

    Arguably, our most illustrious and accomplished alum, Mike Rossi graduated from Mount Pleasant High School and it's then fledgling radio program in 1976.  Since then he has had an impressive and influential career in broadcast radio, and he currently holds down middays at Wilmington legacy FM 99.5 WJBR.  Mike is never too busy to come back to the place where it all began to build something great with the current crop of radio students.  Vannah and he parlay like a pair of music veterans in this hour full of Grammy winners.  Enjoy!

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  • Bonnie Yurkanin

    by Farhana Length:

    Bonnie Yurkanin is the BSD Coordinator of Instructional Technology, but she used to be the third grade teacher to WMPH staffer Farhana!  The pair reminisce about the year that was, and trade pop and rock songs which have been formative in both their lives. Just as Bonnie said: "You did a fantastic job at capturing our mutual love for music, and I especially enjoyed listening to our conversations about our song selections and memories from when you were in my 3rd grade classroom." Enjoy this extended version, the 1-hour version airs on WMPH.

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  • Mik Austin

    by Cecelia Length:

    WMPH staffer Cecelia seemed to be familiar with all the songs brought to the table by the BSD's new marketing specialist, Mikaelyn Austin.  Turns out they are both fans of the same gothic metal band from Little Rock, and the sympatico continued for most of the hour-long music show, until our adult guest finally surprised the student with some music hitherto unknown to her.

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  • Rev. Shanika Perry

    by Kevin Y Length:

    BSD board member Reverend Shanika Perry compared songs with WMPH radio student Kevin.  We think you will agree that the resulting music show is an interesting contrast in genres wrapped in an interesting exchange of views.  And the pair work on giving Rev Perry a new "DJ name"!

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