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  • Please note that only a parent, legal guardian, relative caregiver, or Division of Family Services employee can register a child for school. For more information, please click here.  

  • The following documentation must be presented at the time of registration.  Please note that a registration determined to be secured by false, misleading, or deliberate omission of information will be considered null and void.  Making a false written statement is a Class A misdemeanor.  See 11 Del. C. §1233.

    1. Parent/guardian/caregiver State-issued identification (driver's license or State ID)
    - Must be a valid, current form of identification

    2. Birth Certificate with raised seal
    - If the original birth certificate is not available at the time of registration, a copy may be presented.  The original must be presented within 30 days of the registration, subject to withdrawal from school. 

    - If the birth certificate does not contain the name of the parent who is registering the child, additional guardianship verification is required.
    - To obtain a certified copy of a Delaware birth certificate, please click here.

    3. Child's Social Security number
    - This helps ensure that documents are accurate in the event there are two or more public school students in Delaware with the same name. The child will not be excluded from school if SSN is not provided. 

    4. Health Information
    -All registering students need to provide age-specific documentation from their family doctor
    -Please click here for the full list of grade-specific forms

    5. Two proofs of residence
       YOU MUST provide one item from Group A or B or two from Group A.  Both items must contain the same address as well as the name of the adult registering the child for school.

    If you are residing with someone else, complete the:


One item from each of these groups must be provided at time of registration