• Mrs. Lynn Scanlan
    Assistant Principal
    7th Grade Administrator



    Welcome to Springer Middle School. After spending over thirty years in education, at all three middle schools in BSD, I have decided that we make life too hard for ourselves. We need to remember a few things that make life simpler and allow us to have more joy.


    First, every day presents us with new opportunities and a fresh start. If there's anything that I would like Springer students to take to heart, it is just that. Everyone makes mistakes. Life goes on. We make amendments for things that we have done and hopefully learn from our mistakes so we don't repeat them.


    Second, life is a balance of hard work, study, and play. Success is achieved when the happy medium is reached. It is my goal to help your child find his/her balance that sets them on the road to success.



    A little bit about Mrs. Scanlan...

    Education: BA English

    Rutgers University


    M Ed. School Leadership

    Wilmington University