• Health Examination Requirements


    Delaware schools require that all new students, students entering Kindergarten and all students entering Grade 9 (includes students currently in the Brandywine School District), must have a current health examination on file. The health examination must have been completed within 2 years of entry into school, Kindergarten or  Grade 9 and must be received within 30 days from the start of school.    Please click here for the Delaware Regulation. 
    The following health examination forms will be accepted:
    A)   Delaware Physical Examination Form 

                                    Elementary Physical Form in English 

                                   Elementary Physical Form in Spanish  

                                   Secondary Physical Form in English

                                   Secondary Physical From in Spanish   

    B)   DIAA Sports Physical Form for students who plan to participate in any DIAA sports. 
                         DIAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form English OR
                         DIAA Pre-Participation Physical Health History Form Spanish Version , (must have all pages from evaluation form)
    c)    Health Examination or evaluation document on a form which includes, at a minimum: healthy history, immunizations, results of medical testings and screenings, medical diagnose, prescribed medications and treatments, and healthcare plans.
    As with other regulatory requirements, students who do not meet the school physical requirement for school entry & entry into 9th grade will be excluded from school.  The Regulation can be accessed HERE.

                   Where to get a physical near BSD schools


                                      1. YOUR PRIVATE HEALTH CARE PROVIDER


                                      2. NEMOURS PEDIATRIC CLINICS 


                                                 Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Foulk Road

                                                 Wilmington, DE

                                                      (302) 655-3242


                                                 Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Jessup Street

                                                 Wilmington, DE




                                      3.  School Based Health Centers (at BSD High Schools only)

                                                 Brandywine High School 

                                                 Concord High School 

                                                 Mt. Pleasant High School


                                           4. Private Health Clinics                             


                                                        RITE AID REDI CLINIC

                                                          Graylyn Crest Shopping Center

                                                       Wilmington, DE 

                                                        Silverside Medical Aid Unit

                                                     2700 Silverside Rd.

                                                     Wilmington 19810


                                                        2722 Concord Pike

                                                     Wilmington, DE

                                                     Henrietta Johnson Health Center

                                                        3301 Green St.

                                                     Claymont, DE

                                                        Westside Family Health Center

                                                       908 B E. 16th Street

                                                       Wilmington, De 19802


                                                       1802 W. 4th St.

                                                       Wilmington, DE 19805


     Date modified: March 10, 2018