Welcome to Art!

  • mrs. brendlinger Below is a gallery of some of the artwork my students have created over the years.

    Student Centered: I try to allow all my students the opportunity to use different mediums in one class period.  I encourage choice-based art practices where I set the criteria but allow for student imagination and interests to come through. My students get to be THE ARTIST.  They try their hand at painting, drawing, printmaking, fashion design with textile or paper, 3D design, or collage.   

    Portfolios: My students create portfolios which they will bring home at the end of each marking period. Planning a move let me know and I’ll get ALL work to you ASAP.  Students have make-and-take art at least once a marking period. 

    Grading: All students are graded according to a rubric on approaching standard, understanding concepts, applying skills, and behavior.  Portfolios of student work remind your child of past experiences in art so s/he can grow.

    Display: I also like to display art in the halls throughout the year, this includes our artists of the month. A selection of our best artists will have artwork displayed at the Young Brandywine Art Exhibit at the Blue Ball Barn.  Everyone’s artwork will be displayed at our annual Forwood Blue Fox Art Exhibit. after spring break.

    Want to See artwork sooner?: Email, adrienne.brendlinger@bsd.k12.de.us, the following informationthe homeroom teacher and grade, your child’s nameyour name, and an email address.  This is so that I may post images of your child’s artwork to Artsonia and you can see his/her very own digital portfolio as soon as work has been graded.