Goals of Gifted Education Services

  • BSD has identified three main goals for Gifted Education Services:

    1. A system for screening and identifying students. Districtwide screening includes methods to identify students from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in grades K-8.

    2. An evidence-based service model. BSD follows the Common Core Standards as the core curriculum.  The framework for the development of curriculum for students receiving gifted services is the Parallel Curriculum Model.

    3. Monitoring to ensure all students are making learning gains.  At the heart of the PCM is the notion that each learner should be challenged with incremental sophistication. Curriculum and instruction are designed to move the learner from present ground toward expertise in the subject matter. This expertise is developed over time with careful attention to the balance of challenges and support.  Students receiving gifted education services will also be monitored for learning gains using standardized assessments, district common assessment and formative assessments designed to monitor learning gains in comparison to their grade level peers.


    Click here for more information about the Parallel Curriculum Model.