Information Technology: Computer Science

  • Our pathway consists of three classes:

    * Exploring Computer Science

    * AP Computer Science Principles

    * AP Computer Science A (Java)


    Exploring Computer Science is an introduction to Computer Science. It teaches students problem solving skills. Students can take Exploring Computer Science without prerequisite classes.  Students work on a series of projects that build creativity, critical thinking and computing skills.  Students learn about working well in teams and about ethical and social issues in computer science.  

    In year 2, Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles expands on the first year to generate a deeper understanding of coding.  Students begin to be creators of technology, not just consumers.  They explore how computing impacts people, society and other fields.  They look at the ethics of new technologies and innovation.  

    Year 3's Advanced Placement Computer Science A delves into Java as the specific coding language. A large part of the course is built around the writing, running, and debugging of computer programs using Java to find solutions to problems.  This course is designed as an introductory Computer Science course at the University level.  It is also recommended for students who plan to major in other areas that require a technology skill.  

    Each of these courses can be taken singularly or as part of the three-year pathway.  In the AP courses, students may earn college credits while still in high school.