Summer School in BSD

  • Sometimes students need a second chance for success.  BSD Summer School is offered for middle and high school students to allow them the opportunity to make up classes that they were unable to complete during the school year.  

  • Summer School Credit Recovery for high school students:

    BSD offers online credit recovery (aka makeup) courses for students who were unsuccessful in earning course credit during the school year.  Students may take up to two summer online courses for credit recovery.  The online courses will be available 24 hours a day from July 1-25 and will be taught by certified virtual instructors.  These virtual instructors will be available to students via online web meetings, chat, email, and phone.  All coursework must be completed by July 28 in order for students to be eligible to take an in-person final exam at Springer Middle School. Prior to starting an online credit recovery course, students must attend an orientation session the week of June 24.

    Please click here for more information, including dates, pricing, and final exam dates. 

    When you are ready to register, please use the following links:

    Brandywine High School
    Concord High School
    Mount Pleasant High School

    If you have questions, please contact your school counselor. 

  • Summer School for middle school students:

    Summer school for middle school students will be offered in-person at P.S. duPont Middle School from July 1-31, Monday through Thursday.  There will be no school on Thursday, July 4.  Only English Language Arts and Math courses will be offered. 

    Registration must be submitted at District Office from June 3-20.  Evening hours will be available from June 17-20.  Please click here for a registration form.