• Meal Charge Procedures



    PURPOSE: To establish and support a system whereby charges for student and/or staff meals are monitored and guidelines for re-payment of excessive charges are provided.



    A. Students in Grades KN through 5 can charge for breakfast or lunch meals at their school cafeteria. Students in Grades 6 through 12 can charge breakfast or lunch meals up to $10.00.


    B. Negative balance notices (-.01 or greater) will be emailed to parents on a weekly basis. For parents of KN to 8 grade students, who do not have email accounts, a notification will be sent home via the students.  High school students’ parents who do not have email accounts, will not receive a negative balance notification because high schools do not have homeroom classes.   School Nutrition cashiers will remind high school students with negative accounts to bring in money.


    C. If a 6-12 grade student owes more than $10.00, the cashier will substitute their entrée with a cheese sandwich (or a substitute sandwich if he/she is allergic to milk) until the debt is paid. Your child’s account will be charged for the cheese sandwich meal.


    D. It is important for all parents to establish a school lunch account at schoolcafe.com to review transactions, pay online and to automatically set up deposits when accounts are low.


    E. When negative balances reach $25.00 or more, a letter from School Nutrition Office will be mailed home and/or an automatic phone call will be sent to their cell or home phone number.


    F. Once charges reach $50.00, School Nutrition will reach out to the child’s school Principal to determine if this child is considered a hardship case. Social services and/or School Counselors will be requested to investigate. If deemed appropriate based on the results of the investigation, the child will receive free breakfast and lunch meals for free and his/her debt will be eliminated. If it is determined that there is no hardship case, and these students are paying students, School Nutrition will offer parents to go on a payment plan.  Once the payment plan is established and no payments were received within the first 30 days, a letter will be sent to the parents that we can no longer provide meal services to their children until debt is repaid.




    Options to prepay include: visiting our online services at www.SchoolCafe.com or by sending in cash/check/money order. The pre-payment option is open to staff members also. Checks should be made payable to BSD School Nutrition.