• Reading is fun! 
    Checking out books from our school’s library is a privilege and an important part of the learning experience. Books complement classroom instruction and are used for research, and for personal interest. Please make time to read at home with your child.
    Library Access
    Students visit the library media center with their class weekly, where they may check out one or two books at a time, depending on their grade. Books are loaned for one week to all grades. They are due back each week at their library class time. They may return or renew the book at that time.
    If a student is still reading when their book is due, they may renew it by bringing the book to the library to check it out again.
    Care of Books
    Please help your child select a safe, dry place to keep their library books at home. It’s a good idea to put them in the same place, away from areas where food and drink, pets, and toddlers could cause damage, and where they can be located quickly. Some choose to keep their books in their backpack in a high and secure place.
    Overdue Books
    Students in grades 2 thru 5 are taught how to check their library account to see if they have an overdue book. 1st graders will get a paper copy of overdue books at the end of each marking period. Kindergartners do not take books home, thye are left in the classroom for the students to look in their classroom. The kinder teacher brings the books back each week. All lost books must be paid before the end of the current school year or they will carry over to next year.
    Damaged Books
    Sometimes accidents happen. If a book is damaged, please be responsible and return what is left to the librarian. She will determine if it needs to be replaced, or if it can be repaired, and assess the appropriate fines.
    Lost Books
    If a book is missing for a trimester it will be considered a lost book. To clear up a lost book, students must return, replace, or pay for the book. Most paperback books are $5 to $10. Most hardcover books are $15 to $30. If the book cannot be located and payment is a financial hardship arrangements may be made for the student to spend free time working in the library or school.
    Consequences for Late Books
    When a book is overdue the student’s borrowing privileges are revoked until the overdue book is returned or the issue of a lost/damaged book is resolved. 
Lending Policies