• Students with Special Dietary Requests

    Students with Food Intolerances
    If your child has an intolerance or a non-life threatening allergy to a particular food item, the school nurse will submit your child's name to the school nutrition manager.  Your child's intolerance will be entered into the POS (Point of Sale) Register Computerized system.  The cashier will ensure that your child doesn't receive that particular food item.    
    Students with Life Threatening Food Allergies 

    If your child has a life threatening food allergy, (i.e. requires use of epi-pen) and your child is planning to go through our service lines for meals, please contact the School Nutrition Specialist (Registered Dietitian) to ensure that we address your child's individual needs.
     Please note:  School Nutrition does not serve any peanuts or treenut products in a K-5 grade schools. School Nutrition does serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a 6-12 grade schools but does not serve any other products with peanuts or tree nuts.
    If your child has special dietary requirements, please contact our Registered Dietitian (School Nutrition Specialist) at 529-3110 to set up a meeting.