Special Programs for Special Kids

  • Brandywine Specialized Autism Program (BSAP)

    The Brandywine Specialized Autism Program targets students on the Autism spectrum.  These students may have challenges socializing with others. Communicating with others may be difficult, or it might be hard for the child to behave appropriately. These kids require the highest level of service.  BSAP is housed at Bush Preschool, Harlan Elementary, Claymont Elementary, P.S. duPont Middle School, and Mount Pleasant High Schools.  

    Emotional Support Program (ESP) 

    The Emotional Support Program offers social and emotional support for special ed students with mental health challenges. This program teaches social, emotional, and behavior skills so that they can succeed in school. BSD has licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) that provide counseling for kids who need it during their school day. The programs are located at Lombardy Elementary, Mount Pleasant Elementary, Talley Middle School, and Concord High School.   

    Independent Learning Program (ILP)

    The Brandywine Independent Learning Program is for students with complex special needs.  These kids receive an adapted curriculum based on state standards of learning.  This program helps kids build skills for taking care of themselves and living on their own.  They learn how to be part of a community once they are finished high school.  This program is housed at Forwood and Hanby Elementaries, P.S. duPont Middle School, Springer Middle School, and all three high schools. 

    Skills for Independence, Transition, & Employment Program (SITE) 

    SITE serves 18-21 year-old students with special needs who have completed the requirements for a high school certificate but have not entered the workforce or are not going to attend college.   The program is housed at Claymont Community Center. There, students learn to work at a variety of real-world jobs.  Students work at St. Francis Hospital, Jewish Family Services, and Marshalls, to name a few.   They run a district print shop and a floral and balloon business. The business offers beautiful flower arrangements, balloons, and some candy for delivery. Every other week, Trader Joe’s donates flowers to SITE.   The students create bouquets, take and fill orders, and deliver the arrangements to addresses within the district. 

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Kids working with wood in a shop