Screenings & Physical Exam Requirements

  • We have many after school sports programs at P.S.  They include:

    Fall: girls field hockey, co-ed soccer, girls volleyball, volleyball intramurals, cross country
    Winter: wrestling, cheerleading, boys and girls basketball, basketball intramurals
    Spring: Baseball, softball, track, tennis, girls soccer, golf, bowling

    All of these extracurricular sports (except bowling) require our students to have a yearly physical exam. This exam needs to be completed any time after April 1 of the current or most recent calendar year and needs to be documented on the DIAA sports physical form. One completed sports physical is good for all after school sports for the entire school year. Please try to have the physical exams completed early in the school year so that your child does not miss the opportunity of participating in sports activities that may occur later in the year.

    Middle school aged students are growing in height. Back screenings are conducted to assess for any curvature of their spine during this time of rapid growth. These screenings are conducted by me in gym classes in the beginning of the 1st and 3rd marking periods. I will alert the students to the dates. Concerns about spinal growth will be brought to the attention of a physical therapist from A.I. DuPont Hospital as they visit all the schools in the spring to perform a more in-depth evaluation. All findings from this secondary screening will be communicated with the parent/guardian and the student.